Apr 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrating 40 years of Earth Day April 22. Earth Day is a day we recognize and love our Mother Earth, but, of course, we should practice this every day. To Celebrate this day the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day (since 2008 via our current website) we are offering 20% off all products in our Artfire Store.

Simple tips on conserving and ways to recycle, such as your shoe boxes, compost, having a small garden. Easy ways such as cut off the lights & T.V when your leave a room. Cut off the water in the sink while your brushing your teeth. Keep showers under 10 minutes, hang clothes out to dry on clothes line. The drier consumes a lot of energy. Many more ways. Go green have most or all of your bills and correspondence via email.

In fact, I just finished Twittering and emailing with my fellow
friends and followers on how to be Eco-friendly - so much fun!

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