Apr 19, 2010

How to Make Beaded Jewelry on Wire

This is an easy way to make a bracelet or anklet. If you are a first time jewelry maker this step by step directions make it super easy and fun. Enjoy!

- Jewelry components you you'll need:

* Seed Beads
* Clasps
* Jewelry/ Beading Board
* Measuring Tapes & Ruler
* Metal or Memory Wire
* Pliers For Jewelry Making

Beading on Wire:

1. Choose about a 20-gauge wire. You can use either coated jewelry wire, flex wire or a gold- or silver-plated wire from your local craft store.

2. Cut a piece of wire about 4 inches long or longer, depending on the length and number of beads you will use in a set. Just like hair it is easier to cut excess wire than it is to add (redesign) your jewelry set.

3. Use round-nose pliers to make a small loop on one end of the piece of wire. To do this, grip the end of the wire with the pliers, gently twist the pliers and wrap the wire around them until they form a loop.

4. Slide the bead or beads you wish to use onto the wire.

5. Hold the wire vertically so that the beads will be secure against the first loop you made.

6. Take the round-nose pliers and form another loop on the other end of the wire. You may have to trim the excess wire to form a small loop. Trim only a little of the wire at a time as you form the loop until you have the loop size you wish.

7. Finish by using your pliers to slide the end of the loop down into the bead. This closes the loop and hides the end. You can also wrap the end of the loop with a fine wire for a nice, finished look.
Next blog post about jewelry will be how to assemble a seed bead bracelet. Until next time.

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