Jul 19, 2015

Online Stalking and Cyber Bullying

My child was born pre mature. It was a very hard struggle for about 9 months. He was on a breathing monitor. My husband was having serious health issue at the time. Before his doctor was about to help.

I was under a lot of stress. With the help of my religious belief, family and church remembers. I weathered thru the storm. I tried remaining calm and polite even when others were not. Even though rude comments about my son's weight for he was small. Though he is not any longer!

I had moved to a small town near the Culpeper area. Many a small towns near Charlottesville.  I was far away from the hospital I had given birth, family and friends. Most services seemed to be for mom's with full term babies. I would like not to have to drive any far distances.

I was referred by my child's doctor to a RN. "She has a company called Pink Cocoon and her name is Cindy Curtis" I was told. I was handed a card with the Ms. Curtis name, company name and cell phone number.

I looked up the info to make sure it was all current. I called made a appointment a consultant.  She may be able to help me with breast feeding. I had been bottle feeding my breast milk to my child. I had switched to exclusively breast feeding but found it difficult.

Cindy R Curtis emphasized the importance for me to be home and keep the appointment. To not waste her time driving 15 minutes and no one home. 2 pm came around and went no show no call.

I left a message with the time and date. My full name my number. Then stated I had expect her at 2pm today and she was not here. It was 2 hours later and that if she wanted to reschedule or stop by later she would have to call.

As I have left to run some errands and was no longer home. She called back claiming to have forgotten  and was involved in an event in the Culpeper area. We rescheduled and she did not show up again nor called.

By now I am annoyed!  I call her and she answer. I asked what happen to you Cindy Curtis?  She said that appointment was cancelled.  What are you talking about I replied?  She ended up telling me it must be a miss understanding.  Cindy thought the message I left the day of the first missed appointment. Was me saying I will not be home for this next appointment.

She did not apologize and did not seem to care.  She wanted to know if I wanted to try a third time for our consultation.?  I told her to cancel it because I did not want to be stood up a third time. She appeared to not have any empathy.

That is sad when you live in BFE and need any help like this as a new mother.  It is sad I had to be bombarded with a lot of unprofessional and rude people in this area. I had been stood up a lot for business related things.

Such as looking for a new place to live right before we relocated to this area.  It will make me stronger, wiser and better able to cope with any situation that may come.

For now on if you do not bother to be on time, no show or no call.  If you are rude or ugly with me or my family I will speak up. Report you if necessary and I will not reschedule.  I will continue to try to remain calm, keep my cool yet assertive.

Is this the way of the world?  Where even grown adults and professionals think that is okay to bully someone.  To be rude whether in person or online. I let it go at first. Then after having a surgery appointment get botched at hospitals, can't schedule an appointment call back in 6 weeks, No show and calls for appointments.  I no longer have any patience for not the norm.

Her business media page had the option to rate her services. I gave a short honest review. She responded. Of course claiming that the events never happened. I let it go and never responded back.

Then a month later Cindy posted comments all over Twitter directed to my @ username. Calling me a liar saying she never missed an appointment. Then she tells me I live in Glen Allen and that's proof since she does not service that area.

Now mind you any public info showing me in Glen Allen is out of date. She just assume that I am online often and keep my media up to date.  That public databases do as well and they do not. I finally blocked her account on both Facebook and Twitter.

I will be posting images of the messages she left as proof of any communications she sent. I more than likely will either deleted some of my social media I do not use or change the username. Since that is how she found my other social networking profiles.

I do not see where I had posted anything to Cindy before she contacted me on twitter. I will not respond directly to any further communications. From Cindy Curtis since they only seem to be negative. I refuse to comment or think about her any further.

Rude comments or behavior?   I am going to stand up for myself. Other times just ignore and not give them my power. I do not want to be around such negativity! So I will remove myself from it and not engage when best.

Comment?  If you do not like a comment about your conduct as a boss of your own company?  You call another a liar publicly and stalk them online? Just because you are angry.  They have to repeatedly ask you to leave them alone, ignore them or block them. If you really were concern about the service they received or personal problem why not private message them?

Why search for them and their username on other social media. Making negative public comments?

On a happier note I am pregnant again and could not be happier.  Do you have a story to tell? Is the common accordance?  Tell you story below in the comments.

Jul 4, 2015

Best Natural Concealer on the Market

I found this great makeup or beauty product. It is a concealer that I wanted to share. I feel comfortable using it while pregnant too. It is suppose to be talc-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free.

It's called Natural concealer by Glory Boon.  I have been using for a month and it matching my skin nearly 100%!  So it is hard to tell I am wearing makeup or concealer outside in the bright summer sun light.

It comes in one shade and magically blends to fit your color!  I have to say it is the best concealer I have ever owned or used!!  It last most of the day without me reapplying in the heat. I forget I have anything on it is so light. The coverage is amazing and moisturizing!

Aug 16, 2014

A lovely baby shower

I just got back from a lovely baby shower.  The girls were so thoughtful to help out. See the friends and family that were to throw it could not last minute and I had the nicest crew help out when they found out. Thanks you guys!!!