Apr 23, 2010

How to Video Tutorial Makeup Thinner Nose

Want a thinner looking nose? Movie stars and Music stars alike use this simple makeup tips to have a thinner appearing nose. Who needs expensive painfull (nose job) surgery when you have makeup!?

Easy Nose Contouring Tutorial -
This video is only for anyone who wishes to make the bridge of their nose appear thinner. How to Get a Thinner Nose with shadow. It can make a real difference!

First add a MATTE darker flesh tone color on the sides of your nose. Use a shade 1-2 x's darker than your current skin tone. You can use dark matte concealer, bronzer or powder shadow. Either will do. Now add the bronzer to the other side of nose from the bridge to the end of nose near the nostrils. If you wish you may use a lighter color or highlighter in the center of your nose.

Only add the darker color to the tip (end) of nose if you want to also make your nose appear shorter. This will balance your nose, but depends on your nose structure. Most important is to Blend, blend, blend with a large brush! Finally your finished! Blending is an important key so as not to leave any streaks and have a natural appearance. The more you pratice the better you will be at with this techique!

To make fuller nose use a lighter color for the shadowing instead and add a darker color in the center of your nose in place of a highlighter. One of the next VLOG's will be on making your nose appear shorter or smaller in length.

Be the best and most naturally beautiful you can be with simple tips. The lessons coming up are both model secrets of the trade and all can be done in your spare time. Look fashionable by a former model. Until next time remember we are all beautiful and skin is in! - xoxo Engela

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