Jan 10, 2010

More About Me The Main Editor

I thought that more people would like to know about me the main writer of this blog. I don't want a blog that is just some faceless company's blog. I will not give my full name out, but I will tell you things about myself in some future posts. A few of us contribute to this beauty health blog and each with our own unique style and experience. Each contributor (editor) knows at least some basic cooking, baking, skin care, makeup application and many forms of craft/arts including music, etc.

ABOUT ME: (Dee nickname)

I am a lucking woman to be able to spend time with my family and do what I love for a living. I am an artist who spends much of my time creating wearable works of art and new ideas for my skin care. I love making each piece of art and hope that it will find a home with someone who truly appreciates the piece. I am an bath and body and jewelry designer whom loves all things Natural, Art Deco, Nouveau, Contemporary, Trendy, Unique, Retro and Classic.

I make all my jewelry by hand and I carefully select each piece. Where as I tend to buy my pieces from small indie local shops in the city of Richmond and Williamsburg. I am opened minded, passionate and enthusiastic about my passions in life including designing. As I am sure you are aware by now unless you are a new reader that I have a bath and body business. Please visit my (understated design) websites/web-stores where you will find product that are made from scratch not a pre-mixed bases. All handmade and handcrafted items from jewelry to skin care. Tried and tested until a unique formula was created for sensitive skin, eczema and most all skin types.

Why our company was born?

Seeing the increasing problem of skin issues with product sensitivity, I began searching for new options for many years. I discovered that most commercially retail low and high end made products are nothing more than synthetic detergents. Mainly irritants causing many sensitivity issues. Many people like myself would break out and itch after using the usual cleanser.
Most lotions or dry skin creams did not meet my expectations in handcrafted and commercial products.

Where are all the products for sensitive, oily, problem skin and dry skin? Only thin lotions with inexpensive lacking ingredients? Any 100% percent natural eczema balms available? 70% Organic, SLS Free or 100% vegan alternatives in hand care, bath and body, skin care or hair care? Mostly scented which can be problematic for sensitive skin or individuals with alleges. I want to support handmade and let others re-discover the benefits of homemade / handmade. To bring to your home naturally unscented, none colorant and none drying alcohol products to families with skin issues or without.

I cannot think of a better way to spend my day or life then doing something I truly feel passionate about and love. I started designing as a hobby as I did with many things in my life, but I got tired of working for someone else. My parents became ill and I thought wouldn't it be a good idea to cut to part-time and take care of my family. Then I made the jump with a leap of faith into a brand new adventure of creating and owing my own business and haven't looked back since. I wanted to bring truly natural, homemade organic, and some vegan products to others.

What is Our Handmade Soap Made of?

At That Girl's Bath & Body we use only all natural kosher vegetable glycerin, natural oils, Coconut oil cleansers and soy. Ingredients depends on type of soap cus some have shea butter , olive oil, goat milk or aloe as well. Each oil is carefully chosen for its lathering and moisturizing properties in soap. Safe essential, flavor and fragrance oils contribute scent; natural and cosmetic-grade body safe pigments impart color; and botanical & spices add texture.

What Makes Our Products Unique?

  • Organic Ingredients - where possible,
  • Free of Dyes (Available),
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Detergents,
  • Free of harsh Preserves,
  • Scented with Essential Oils or safe pure flavor oils
  • Phthalates Free Fragrances,
  • Oils Blended for Aromatherapy Benefits,
  • Made Fresh to Order,
  • Paraben Free,
  • Alcohol Free,
  • Unscented - No Scent (Fragrance Free) available,
  • Gluten Free,
  • Wheat Free,
  • Free of Artificial Preservatives (where possible),
  • Custom Order Request Welcomed,
  • Environmentally Friendly,
  • Cruelty Free,
  • Formaldehyde Free,
  • 100% Natural (where possible),
  • Glycol Free (where possible),
  • Irritant & Tear FREE,
  • Cleansing products - Gently Cleanses,
  • PH Balanced, Safe and Toxic Free.

Why did I decide to blog?
Well I have been blogging since 1997, but just not with blogger. I could have made a more professional blog on my website but I truly enjoy blogger and the people/community. I know I can add this to my website or pay to have the url a unique address. Instead of blogspot.com after name, but I like it this way. It has a down home feel, seems more authentic or homemade. I have tried many different blog site since 2005, but in 2008 I made blogger my home. I have since removed most of my old blogs and added them here to thatgirlsbathandbody.blogspot.com and my Wordpress blog.

Since the closing of Yahoo's 360 and AOL's blog I have added most of the old post to this Blogspot. I hope to make this my personal/professional blog, a permanent home. I thoroughly enjoy making one of a kind designs, coming up with news scents, products and wearable art, skin care, jewelry, bake and educating people on skin care! Women love to look, and feel beautiful. I want to be apart of this through blogging and bring to light these sensational products.

This is off the subject and will sound rather random but has anyone seen the new Alice on SyFy a few months ago? I thought it was kewl. What did you think?

You’ll never believe what I’m working on next...just like your ears each piece is unique!

- Deb (Dee)

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