Jan 11, 2010

Another Receipe Attempt - Eclair Attempt 1

*Note: I know the picture above is not of eclairs but I don't have any photos I can use yet.

This time I am going to tackle, making by hand, chocolate eclairs from scratch. I woke this morning to a cold and gloomy day. I made myself a cup of hot coffee this time freeze dried and not freshly ground whole beans. I use to only drink whole bean coffee that I would grind myself, but with food prices on the rise I decided to switch. I would use whole beans by local coffee shops or sometimes 6 O'Clock, Dunking Donuts or Star Bucks.

After I was awake and drinking my morning coffee I thought you know I haven't had an eclair in many years, and it may have been as long as 16 yrs. Hum eclairs are such wonderful pastry treats.

Then in my head I hear my sister's voice saying that sounds yummy, but you know eclairs have well over 600 calories. Was it really my sister's voice or my own little inner voice, myself conscious? My daughter said she read some where that it was about 204-380 calories depending on the size and ingredients. I was thinking of baking a Chocolate Eclair with custard filing. What is your opinions? What kind of eclairs do you like? What type of eclair should I bake? Any thoughts? Please leave a comment with this post.

Even if it was less than 680 calories I can't eat that many calories in one day! When added to my normal eating habits that's well over my daily calorie intake. My daughter said she would try to re-introduce me to yoga. I use to yoga 3 x's a week. My daughter said she would yoga with me then I would be more likely to form a habit of exercising and stretching everyday.

After short contemplation I decided to throw caution to the wind and to make the eclairs anyways! I'll just eat an eclair a day and nothing else...lol . My daughter gave a hearty laugh and then replied with sarcasm "yeah, that's very healthy mom". I just shrugged then exclaimed "a eclair a day keeps the doctors away" lol :). My family is very health concerned as you can tell. Then my daughter said "well will just have to add more exercising those days to counter the fating eclairs. Mom you make them and I will take photos, just promise me you will eat some vegetables with health balanced meals. You can't live off just eclair". She said she is fasting that day to clean out her system and is not eating any protein or junk food the next day. So she will not be able to sample my new creations, but I hope she has the will power lol.

After I have made the eclairs I am hopeful that I will have accomplish my mini project with good results. I will take pictures of my eclairs once I have made them to my own satisfaction. This will be my first attempt at baking eclairs from scratch.

My family doesn't what diabetes, nor high cholesterol (who does) and everyone watches they're weight. Both my daughters have had weight problems late in their life (not until their late 20's). My oldest tried for many years to eat strictly vegan meals and cut out sweets, but said it was just too restrictive and would rather be a vegetarian. Plus she inherit a sweet tooth. Her generation is very concerned with our planet and food.

Now this entry will embarrass my kids and does not at all sound appealing after talking about Chocolate Eclairs, but this will explain more about the type of person and mother I am.
Ex: When my children where little I use to use only cloth diapers, wash them out and reuse them. I breast feed and didn't use a bottled milk. Believe me it was harder to do this then because most American, and Companies where not as concerned about organic or recycling as much as we are today.

I have some photos of other cakes I have not had time to post yet from last year. A purse cake I made, some simple spring cupcakes, etc. I still have those photos thankfully. Some photos will need to be retaken and that means I will have to bake the items again. This means I will not be able to post until much later. Why? Because some how my pets got a hold of the photo card and it is no longer readable. I had not downloaded the pictures yet from the memory photo card. I am very careful of properly putting them away and storing them, so I still don't have a clue as how they got to just that one card. The others in the same place where not touched and it happened very quickly this morning.

I am hoping after review all my other pictures that the card destroyed is not one with picture of my father before his death and of his funeral because those can not be replace. My daughter had some great professional looking photos of her cat outside looking wild in the trees, but she believes those where wreck too on the photo memory card. Oh well there goes hours worth of work.
Most importantly thought is the animals are fine and in good health. I have moved the cards in an even more secure place. This has never happened before so I'm must be pretty responsible or lucky.

More to come. Look out for some more wonderful baking recipes and pictures coming soon.

- Deb (Dee)

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