Jan 15, 2010

More About Me the Main Editor Part Two

Meet Dee Continue Part 2:


I love making and selling handmade jewelry and skin care products. The hobby began with making beaded jewelry, then for my family members. Soon after, friends inquired about having jewelry made for them and as gifts for loved ones. For me it not just about how advance the jewelry technique or piece is that I am working on just the love I put into it. How passionate I am. What type of person will where this piece, what type of life do they have.

What is, more important to me is the love I put in it, the style - the arrangement and that the jewelry piece speaks. It is beauty I am creating... a piece of art that can be wore and admired. It's not perfect just like nature it has it's NATURAL imperfections or flaws, but still lovely and well made none the less.

I am an independent free thinker. It is very hard to put into just a few words how my thinking or creation process. It varies sometimes I can't explain how the idea formed. It sometimes is as if it just pooped into my head like magic. Other times I sleep on it and in my creative dream time I come up with an interesting idea or two I hope no one else has thought of yet. yourself, your lifestyle, and your creation process.

Then there is the hard times? I find that too much thought is the key to creation arts unless perhaps it's music. I'm sure it varies but I find that too much thought is too constraining. I would rather think of my life or things I have seen try to interpretation that in my wearable work of art. If inspiration does not soon hit I follow my fathers sound advice and stop mulling it over. Then later after some rest (not thinking of an idea) and idea will usually just hit me like a bolt of lighting within a day or even a few hours.

My lifestyle is pretty simple: I truly try to live each day as if it where the last. Sounds cheesy even down right corny, I know. After many family or friends pass away or perhaps you experience death however so brief first hand like I have you start making more of an effort to value everyday and everything you have. Just Live, Laugh, Love. I'm not perfect...far from it and I find it hard to keep positive and live this daily mottos and affirmations, but I try very hard.

by Deb (Dee)

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