Jan 16, 2010

Why I love Making Jewelry - Wearable Art

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please let me know by kind comments, by following me, or/and using the twitter button to instantly tweet my blog. I love writting for my beauty tip health tip blog here on blogger/blogspot. Answer vary from health, fashion, makeup tips, baking and much more. In the near future I plan on added more jewelry making ideas, or at least show casing some jewelry I have made and what inspired the piece.

Well I've mostly expressed my passion for making, selling and owing a bath and body business. Next is jewelry making and if I have time why I blog and why I love doing so.

Jewelry Designing: Like when I first made my tiger eyes eye jasper etc combo I felt alive and excited by the piece I made. My mind had some many ideas and I was making a brown zebra print one next. When designing the necklaces I felt challenged and very spiritual that day more than usually. I guess if I had to describe my feelings behind those two jewelry pieces and the inspiration that brought you to making those necklaces I would also say a fierce woman who seemly is simple in life, how she dresses and acts. This is an modern middle class American woman, but with longings and passion for art or life. To travel and gain much knowledge about the world of the past and present. A little African and Native American culture mixed and mingled with modern American woman. This is mostly my inspired and interpretation at the time of while making this pieces of wearable art.

How your art affects your daily life?
Mostly it makes me feel whole and like I have a purpose in life. More than just a mother, wife or daughter. Those are blessing but I wanted something that was just mine that I could choose to share with others. To make other people happy. I have had many wonderful positive comments on my jewelry when I or others have worn them in person. Positive comments from both men, women and fellow artist. I look the feeling you get from someones true appreciation and love for a piece of jewelry you created. The feeling from comments on how I am talented and a true artist even thought I thought I was just a beginner with decent jewelry making skills. What they are telling me is not only is my work every well made but I am talented in the arrangement of the pieces. That makes crafting art so worth wild that I am thought of a talented and creative. I might as well tell you all what my daughters think about me. People love reading this kind of thing, because it gives them something they can relate to. It makes you a real person in their eyes.

More about Me:

I am a dork at times and am frustrated with your new computer. It is just not nearly as nice as the one I had before. I haven't been kept up with the new changes on the web or with technology in general. Too busy but mind you my kids think its cute unless I ask too many questions and then a I becoming annoying. Many of which I repeat, the same questions over and over. I forget because I no longer use the knowledge nor written it down (sorry kids).

Ask Your Customers Questions?

Admired for this quality and may work of art. To my supporter over the years thank you all for your kind words, encouragement and for believing in my work.

I'm asking what do you like the most in jewelry? Ideas? Colors? Arrangements? Service? The point is not I want to find out what you like and I want to know what's going to make you happy as my potential customer.

You may do this by leaving a comment or taking my questionnaire I leaving on this site.

I also have a survey on my website click on hyper link below to visit. If you answer the survey questions on main website you can save 10% off of your next order at That Girl's Bath & Body.
please feel from to answer.

- Dee

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