Jan 14, 2010

Do You Want to Improve Your Image?

Do you want to improve your image?
Do you want to improve your self confidence?
Do you have an interview coming up?
Are you a entertainer?
I can
help with all of these and more!
As YOUR professional beauty image consultant I can assist you with one, or all of the following:
1.Total image makeover.
2.Professional dress for success.
3.-Bridal and Wedding party?
4. Determine your skin type and color?
5.What makeup colors look best on you?
6. Best hair style/color based on your facial structure?
7. What ingredients & product will help improve my skin?
8. I can tell you which ingredients your dermatologist would think is the most helpful, and why?

Contact your local Rep at http://site.thatgirlsbathandbody.com/ for online shopping and contacting and use this blog as beauty support. Local Virginia resident contact us at the above address as well.

I encourage you to maintain your integrity and much success
I want to enrich your life, lift your spirits, encourage you, and bring out YOUR personal style to reach YOUR life goals.
I am now offering complete professional beauty advise and image consulting for men and women.
I encourage you to maintain the up most integrity in all you do, and you will be successful.
Accentuate you inner beauty, accessorize your outer beauty, and indulge yourself with are all natural homemade beauty and bath products.
I offer a huge selection of beauty care products and personalized service.
Think of me when help is needed with style and all of your personal care beauty needs.
Let me know how I can help, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Beauty Tip - Make Your Own Scrub:
Tip description / details:This is the scrub I use everyday to cleanse my face and it works wonders for me. Leaves your skin with fresh glow without harsh and irritating chemicals.
Ingredients:1/2 tsp almond powder; 1/2 tsp dry oatmeal; 1/4 tsp honey; and 1/4 tsp fresh milk.
How to prepare:Mix all the ingredients and set aside.
How to use:Splash your face with warm water, and apply this paste and leave for 5 minutes. When this is almost taut, scrub off, and splash your face with warm and then cold water revealing a fresh glow!

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-by Kelley

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