Sep 3, 2009

MAKEUP Color for Darker Complexions.

Dark skinned tones can vary from olive to caramel, brown to black. There are least 38 different shades of deeper-than-fair skins (compared to only 6 white shades), which are based on red, blue, grey or yellow undertones. Choose your foundation carefully, and find one that's specially designed for darker skin tones.

If you are Dramatically DARK, look for foundation shades like deep chocolate, hazelnut brown, golden brown, tan, coffee, beige and exotic. To reduce shine go for tinted powder in sheer shades of bronze or rich brown, or an Exotic Translucent Powder.

EYE SHADOW - peach and deep brown, rust, bronze or plum shades for day time and for night add green or gold.

BLUSH needs to be in burnt sugar, russet, amber, or terracotta shades and even a dusty plum-red shade. Avoid pink and orange tones, unless your skin is a light shade of dark.

LIPS - use creamy matt shades. Go for bright shades of coral tangerine, nutty browns and aubergine shades. Keep away from mauvy shades as they will turn blue. Try spicier shades for evening like ginger and cinnamon tones.

ASIAN skin may have a blue or yellow undertone so foundation shades could be in shades of olive, light beige, ivory, cream or the lighter of the exotic shades.

BLUSH could be in a shades with red or pink undertones so use just a touch.

EYESHADOW could be deep grey, black, or pastel tones of pink, blue and green. Gold and Brown would also be good and frosted shadows look great.

LIPS look good in burnt orange shades, chestnut or even some pinks and reds. Experiment a little, and see colors listed under lipstick in the makeup page.

Pick the right colors to make the most of your skintone ....* Very dark and blue/black skins look wonderful in WHITE clothes.* Olive and yellow based skins look muddy in earthy colors so go for blue-based pinks and mauves.* Ebony skin looks dramatic in red and black, but keep makeup simple with a red lipstick.* Black skin looks wonder in SILVER - try a few chunky necklaces.* Olive-toned skin looks good in GOLD - so choose something that stands out.* Dark skin looks good in diamante and crystal so long drop earrings or a shimmery pendant would be wonderful.* Warmer skin looks very natural in polish wood beads, amber gem stones and twisted coral.

Native Indian skin has yellow undertones - towards olive and sometimes pale creamy beige. Choose foundation with a hint of pink to warm the complexion. Look for tones of taupe, sepia, caramel, mink brown and use Translucent Powder, either Neutral or Exotic.

BLUSH in soft browns, or terracotta will look most natural but rose pinks and plums will give warmth.

EYESHADOW can be in golden yellow shades, mustard, sage green, khaki and bronze. For after dark you may like to try soft pink, lilac and wine shades.

LIPS look stunning with extra glossy shades. Brown, rust for day and bright colours like fiery red, fuchsia pink for night.

- by Kelley

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