Sep 16, 2009

Make Lips Look Fuller - Sexy Lips Instantly

My lips are really full. What can I do when I want to draw the emphasis away from them?

To make your lips look less full, stick to deeper and darker shades. Start by lining your lips with a dark pencil (raisin, chocolate or a deep nude), keeping inside the lines at all times. Follow this with a matte lipstick inside the lines. Avoid shimmery colors or glosses, which will make your lips look even bigger.

My lips aren't very defined. What should I do?

Start by lining your lips with a pencil the same color as your lips. If you've got a skin/lips dilemma, line INSIDE that area. Use a lipbrush to fill in your lips with a matte lipcolor (matte formulas last the longest). Skip the gloss- it will cause your lipstick to move around. Then, to define the edges of your mouth and cover anything outside the liner, dip a Q-tip in some foundation and draw around your lips. Carefully blend outwards until it looks natural. The foundation-on-a-Q-tip trick also works to cover any blemishes you get near your mouth!

How can I keep my lipstick from wearing away?

There's a simple formula for lasts-all-day lipcolor. First, apply a coat of lipstick sealant to your lips. Now, I know it might say to apply this after your lipcolor, but it can make the color cakey and ugly looking. So, put the sealant on, then apply a coat of your lipstick. Blot this with one ply of tissue then re-apply the lipstick. Ta-da! Long lasting lipcolor!

I thought lining around my eyes would make them stand out, but they just look smaller. What should I do instead?

Lining under your eyes will often make your eyes appear smaller. Why? Because dark colors make things look smaller and causes them to recede! If you desperately want to line your eyes, try using a white, silver or taupe pencil instead. But for the ultimate wide-eyes, why don't you try a matte, pastel shadow (like baby blue, lime green, moon grey, or lavender), then curl your lashes and apply mascara? For extra ooomph, choose a shimmery eyeshadow in a matching shade and apply just a TAD to the inner corner of your upper eyelid!

What kind of eye makeup will look good with my glasses?

You're going to want to create a naturally beautiful look, since your eyes already have a great accessory (the glasses). Start by using concealer under your eyes to hide minimize the appearance of any shadows created by the glasses. Skip the eyeliner, but use mascara on your top lashes. Concentrate it on the base of your lashes to define the eye area. If you're not happy with your glasses and can't wait to get contact lenses, try accentuating your mouth with deep or vivid colors. This will keep the attention there!


- by Kelley

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