Jan 14, 2009

Winter and Cracked Skin


Hi, In the winter, I get cracks around my fingernails. What product do you recommend for this? Also, my feet get severely dry and callused. How about for that? Thanks.

Answer: Number one thing I always suggest is the Eczema Balm. That has the most powerful oils and quickest results. Next would be the Intense Night Repair Cream. Finally we will be adding a new product on our online store http://thatgirlsbathandbody.com/ , a cuticle pen. You might try the Cuticle oil brush pen. Those are my suggestions. Hope it's helpful.

How? Because it carry's borage oil, tea tree or other essential oils, shea butter etc. You can find out about these oils by checking out the rest of the blog post. Click the borage oil, tea tree or shea butter hyper links takes you directly to the pages. Want more then go to our store http://www.thatgirlsbathandbody.com/ingredients.html

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