Jan 19, 2009

Face Shapes How to Contour

How to contour using blush for all face shapes:

ROUND shape - BLUSHER on cheekbone to warm the complexion. Soft Blusher is place along the outside of face area just below cheekbone area. This gives a face a slender look (marked xxxx's)HIGHLIGHTER is used between eye and blush area and along hairline for extra height and maybe use a tiny bit on top of chin.(marked with /////)

The OVAL face type is considered to be perfect or classic. Contours and proportions form the basis for modifying all other facial types. The eyes, nose and mouth are in ideal proportions and the face is gently oval. To determine your shape, pull hair back, look in mirror, and draw your facial outline with lipstick or damp soap into the mirror. It is then simple to draw over this, an oval - you can then see your face shape and where it needs to be contoured to bring it to the illusion of being oval.

Apply BLUSHER to warm the complexion. It reaches from top to bottom of ear at side of face and in along bone structure (which you can see when you smile slightly). Do not apply blush closer towards nose than halfway between ear and nose.
HIGHLIGHTER can be applied very lightly between eye and blusher to give an almost invisible sheen. It accents and highlights both eyes and cheekbones. (Use a softer blush shade here) on drawing the stroke type lines are highlighter, and the larger area is blush.

DIAMOND shape. BLUSHER is used in small area close to the hairline about the cheekbone line, to reduce width across the face and "just a touch" on top of the chin.Use a Softer blush colour in the area where crosses (xxx) are in front of ear area. Blend well with a good blush brush.

HIGHLIGHTER (shown by ////) use just a touch up near the forehead hairline and on either side of the chin area. If you dont have a highligher (a creamy eye shadow colour), then use a lighter foundation in that area.

HEART SHAPE -- BLUSHER is used to minimise the width across the top half of the face, as necessary. Sometimes it may only be needed on the edge of the cheekbone near the ear. (the clear area on drawing). Use a Softer blush colour near ear up past eyebrow as shown on drawing by xxx's.HIGHLIGHTER is used just above blush and down on sides of jaw (marked with /////) to
increase width across the lower jawline and between eye and blush.

PEAR shape - BLUSHER is used on cheekbone area to warm the complexion. Soft Blusher is continued down jawline to slim down fullness in lower cheek, jawline area (marked xxxx) - sometimes blush can be carried under the chin. Its barely seen with this soft colour. HIGHLIGHTER is applied lightly between blush and eye, and to create illusion of width across forehead, apply around hairline. (marked /////)

SQUARE shape -- Use BLUSHER softly on cheekbones, to give softness and warmth to face. Use Softer blush carefully give a shadow effect on squareness of the jawline which is often predominant.HIGHLIGHTER is used between eye and blush to highlight eyes and cheekbones (marked with /////). (soft blush is shown as xxx's and Blush is the open space). _- by Kelley