Jan 25, 2009

Sag Awards

Kathy Watermen Jewelry Earrings, and Coral Dress by who wore.

Angela Kinsey the office look gorgeous in her classic black dress and old glam Hollywood hairstyle.

Eva Longeria Parker is very Stunning but her pink coral gown is too prom like, or figure skater with the nude mesh. Eva's hair a little is also a little sever or severe.

Liked Christine Applegate Green Jewel Tone Gown. Love the green color with her blonde hair. Earrings too large like Saturn and the fit in the dress was off. Ne bright designer make her dress. New trend is all about green and jewel tones.

ANNE HATHAWAY looked stunning in a white gown and short wave hairstyle . A lot of stars are going old glam Hollywood or very long cascading casual hairstyle. Ms. Hathaway cared it well, huge steps forward in fashion. Hard to pull off dark hair pale and white dress but she did. Didn't blow me away but stunning.

Kate Wisnowlate looked lovely in her blue jewel tone gown. Form fitting, looks great, color great fashion forward. Midnight blue flawless.

Brad Pitt looked great in his black tuxedo and white under shirt. Angelena Jolie Looked lovely with a partly updo with slight finger wave hair. Blue gown and daring low cut back in a V shaped. Perfection, no tie on brad looked great.

Star blonde female from house in a lovely strapless tube top pastel pink dress and long loose wavy hair.

A lot of color on the red carpet.

American Ferria diamonds stunning and hair. Shoulder up beautiful but dress a miss.

Michelle Obama has made the one shoulder a came back. Like Desperate House Wives. If cool in design, but not my favorite - like .

Nichole Sheridan very Studio 54 trannie like, and a lot of dress. Too much dress.

Violet purple different shades of dress, purse and shoes looked stunning on actress...continue later. To some it up then has been many diverse looks this year for the 2009 sage awards.