Nov 18, 2008

Marriage, Children, And You!

I know as a female who decided to turn down many offers to marry and has yet to have children, due to not finding the one yet, you feel pressured. When your in your 20's you are still young enough to wait yet why do the other woman, friends, your mother and sometimes a boyfriend start pressuring you to marry and have children?
"When are you going to get married and have some children? I want to be a grandmother." I heard this many times as early as 18-19 yrs old. I would reply with "You have them then. (and) When I am ready and not before". But what is the rush! Look, we live longer then ever, can have babies later in life and as time goes on with less complications. Why not wait until I'm in my 30's? Between 30-35 to get married and have a child.

I'll guarantee you I will make less mistakes and have a great deal more patience and experience. I will be better able to cope and manage my life and others in it. You are the baby's whole world. Don't you owe it to your child to be the best mother you can be? So if waiting a little while longer makes me a better mother it's it worth it? I'm not saying you can't have babies or marry early just do it in your own time. Other great interest to me as a woman are issues of baking, makeup and everyday life. Go to this beauty blog. I love to read blogs and blog myself.

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