Nov 18, 2008

Beauty Tips for Dark Hair and Light Skin

We have had enough request for this post and have notice that their is not many beauty blogs with this information. Plus the few that do are not accurate.
  • The fair skinned brunette remains an enigma. Once only thought to exist in fairy tales. The truth is, dark hair and light skin is a much more common combination than expected. In a country obsessed with the use of bronzers - hair straighteners and bleach, we are often misled into altering our unique appearances to fit a specific mold of beauty. This adage is now outdated and passe.
You will be your most beautiful complimenting your natural coloring, rather than drastically changing it.
  • Your hair is ash brown, or black. Your eyes are blue, blue-grey, deep brown, or possibly violet. Your skin is very light and burns easily. You probably have a hint of pink in your cheeks or no color at all in your face.
  • Step 1 - Face -For the most delicate complexions it is essential that your foundation match your skin tone as close as possible. Your skin tone will vary from blue-white to pinkish-ivory. Look for foundation shades in colors such as Alabaster, Pale Ivory, Soft Ivory, Nude Ivory, and Bone. If you can not find an exact match, you will want to go half a step LIGHTER than your actual complexion. If using a mineral make-up and need it lighter, you can add a small amount of baby powder to the mix. Mineral foundation will work for most skin types, especially oily and combination. Creme foundation is best for normal and dry skin. Liquid works well with dry and extra dry skin. Moisturize. Then apply base evenly. Don't forget to cover the neck and ear lobes with your foundation.
  • Step 2 - Cheeks -Your blush should be in the color family, that you naturally blush. In most instances this will be pink or mauve. For a professional and polished look, that seems truly natural, first apply the to the apples of the cheeks in a soft pink, mauve or light berry shade. Apply with a light hand. Color goes a long way on fair skin. After you have applied the blush to the apples of your cheeks you will want to use a lilac or lavender shade on the hollows of your cheeks. This gives added definition to the cheek bones. The use of both a pink and a purple shade will be glorious gorgeous ravishing on your delicate complexion.
  • Step 3 - Eyes -Cover the entire lid in a lilac, or soft pink shadow. Use a plum shade in the creases. Add white shadow on the inner eye, near the tear-duct for a refreshed, wide eyed look. Rim upper lash line with a grey liner. Line the lower lash line half-way with grey liner. Top off with blackest black mascara. Brown mascara should only be used if your hair is a light brown. Medium brown, dark brown, and black shades should always use black mascara. Use three coats of mascara. Do not let coats dry in between applications.

  • Step 4 - Lips -Coat lips with a thin layer of chap stick or your favorite lip balm. Line lips with a lavender or plum creme lip liner. Smooth edges with a lip pencil. Apply one coat of creme lipstick in a powder pink shade. Top with clear gloss.
  1. Now you are a gorgeous ethereal beauty or aethereal beauty, all the girls wish they were. So, get dressed, splash on your favorite perfume, and knock him dead!

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