Nov 14, 2008

Eye Color Rules

Few tips for Eye Coloring • Keep deeper colors on the lid.

• Use lighter colors on the brow bone.
• For a casual but polished look, sweep one shade from lashes to brow bone.
• Use cream shadows sparingly -- the colors tend to be very vivid.
• Eye gloss is the newest trend. It adds a sheer shine to lids, but don't try it unless you know you can carry it off -- it can look greasy and inappropriate.
• Apply powder eyeliners wet for more intense color.
• White, pink and yellow eyeliner pencils tend to make the eye look open and brighter. Blue counteracts redness, and black will give you a sultry look.
• In order to make eyeliner easy to apply, manufacturers sometimes make it so creamy it doesn't stay put. You can use a matching eyeshadow or powder liner to set your eyeliner.

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