Nov 6, 2008

How To Fight Against Wrinkles

How you choose to treat wrinkles and other signs of aging depends on what stage of your life you're at. Your age, genetics, pollution and your lifestyle all play a part. Do you exercise, eat smart, a non-smoker, are you around second hand smoke - do you sunbath or get a lot of direct sunlight?

At an early age, even before wrinkles appear, sunblock is the best course of action. It's far easier to prevent wrinkles then it is to erase them.

In your 20's and earlier stage, wrinkles are just beginning to appear, but your skin can still repair itself. Wearing sunscreen regularly will prevent further damage and help the skin regenerate itself. An alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) product is also a good idea, because it will lightly exfoliate the dulling layer of dead skin and give it a smoother, clearer look.

Remember to wear sunscreen not only to prevent wrinkles, but because alpha hydroxy acid or retinol can make skin sensitive to light. Alpha hydroxy acids have been used for centuries for skin rejuvenation, but they may carry some risks. These AHA acids may be either naturally occurring or synthetic. The natural AHA acids include:

  • Glycolic acid - sugar cane
  • Lactic acid - milk
  • Malic acid - apples and pears
  • Citric acid - oranges and lemons
  • Tartaric acid - grapes

Side Effects of Alpha Hydroxy Acids:

The two major side effects of alpha hydroxy acids are irritation and sun sensitivity. Symptoms of irritation include redness, burning, itching, pain, and possibly scarring. The most common side-effects are mild skin irritations, redness and flaking. The severity usually depends on the pH and the concentration of the acid used. People with darker colored skin are at a higher risk of scarring pigment changes with alpha hydroxy acids

When your 30s start to creep up (with a few more lines and wrinkles in tow), retinol products are the next line of defense. Retinol is designed to plump up fine lines and stimulate skin to produce collagen. Alternative natural ingredients in face lotions to take a look at are Primrose, rosehip, antioxidants, GLA - an essential fatty acid that promotes healthy skin, all EFA ( Essential Fatty Acids), or CoEnzyme Q10.

If your skin is starting to show signs of dryness, a moisturizer will hydrate it and make wrinkles look less apparent but won't make them disappear. Research has show that Emu oil, Aloe Vera, & Shea butter provide not only moisture but will hydrate your skin by maintaining healthy levels. Read about Omega 3 6 & 9 in the previous post section of this web page. When wrinkles become stubborn, usually around your early 40s, it maybe time to see your dermatologist, who can prescribe a skincare regimen to help keep wrinkles at bay.

In addition, she has various chemical peels in her anti-aging arsenal. Though low level strength peels and many other anti aging products can be found online or at your local store. Peels come in varying strengths, depending on the severity of your wrinkles and age spots. Light, glycolic acid-based peels, done once a month over the course of a few months, will help smooth some of the fine lines (although they won't have much effect on deep wrinkles), fade brown spots, and even out overall skin tone. TCA (trichloracetic acid) peels are a bit stronger and reserved for deeper wrinkles. They are used at varying concentrations and leave skin red and sensitive for a few days.

Chemical peels tend to have more severe side-effects than AHA or Retinal. Possible side effects: blistering, burning and skin discoloration, although they are usually mild and go away a day or two after treatment. Don't have the money or want a natural alternative? Emu oil can lighten brown spots and age spots. Just ask Mildred who is in her 80's and said she sees an noticeable difference in her skin's moisture, appearance and her now faded brown spot.

Phenol peels are used for very severe discoloration as a last resort. The downsides of phenol peels are that they can leave the skin permanently lighter and involve more risks than more gentle peels. Laser peels are a newer weapon that only require a single treatment but are reserved for very severe wrinkling.

Dermabrasions, depending on the type of damage you wish to get rid of, this could be an alternative to a facelift and should be performed only by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has substantial experience using lasers. I would only use a plastic surgeon though for dermabrasion treatment. The treatments soften the sharp edges of surface irregularities, giving the skin a smoother appearance.

The additional drawback is the healing process; count on light to severe redness of skin, swollen skin, sensitive skin, and peeling several weeks. Also you can't wear most makeup instead use mineral powder that is Hypoallergenic and doesn't have man made chemicals. Otherwise you have to go bare faced (Scream).

Try instead Bare Escentuals, I know its pricey but many of the other low priced name brands contain chemicals. Some list glass in their (translucent powder) ingredients or other chemicals that would do more harm then good and they are not pure mineral makeup. Another mineral makeup foundation to try is Sheer Cover.

In Summary:

Care about yourself and your health. Remember that beauty starts from the inside out. How you feel about yourself counts. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and as always skin is in.

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