Nov 24, 2008

Beautiful Eye Shadow Effect for Tan or Dark Skin

Here is a tip for women with tan or darker complexion. I saw it on Beyonce Knowles. Put a bronzer or an eyeshadow with bronze highlights all over the eyelid. Put black eyeliner along the lash line, then follow it with dark eyeshadow along the lash line. White eyeshadow on the upper lid is not a good idea. If you have warm tanned skin, this bronze color may suit you well. If you have fair skin, use caution, because the metallic sheen can give an aging appearance on your skin.

I am going to share with you three of my simple yet best-kept makeup secrets.

  1. First, for highlighting under the eyebrows to give a fresh, wide-awake look I use a pink highlighter pencil. You apply the pencil under the eyebrows, inside near the bridge of the nose, and to the outside between the eye and the hairline. Blend with a white foam sponge. I always feel as if I had taken off a couple of years after using this bright eye technique.

  2. My second secret is an eyeliner with shimmer. The glitter built into the pencil give my eyes an extra sparkle when I go out at night.

  3. My third secret is clear mascara. It is so difficult to find clear mascara nowadays, but having neat eyebrows all day really makes a difference.

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