Nov 25, 2008

One of a Kind Jewelry Creations by Master Artisan

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Works of Art

Wearing unique jewelry that makes a statement makes women feel special. A must have accessorise. Custom handcrafted jewelry is always in style and uniquely you, because fads come and go too quickly. Soon enough, every other person you see on the street has the same type of necklace or bracelet you do when you buy mass market.

Thats why buying from Jewelry by Deby, currently @ and sold at a couple of local shops, you can be sure your piece is an original one of a kind creation of art. Because the artist does not buy in large bulk the exact pieces are not available and can't be reproduced.

Artists dedicate a great deal of time in selecting quality gemstones that have the right shape, luster, size, work detail, and color. Another important design consideration is combining the right colors and accents to give the finished piece balance, elegant and beauty. Vintage wire work, beaded or gemstone lovers will be delighted with our online store. We carry a money back guarantee and free jewelry repair. Visit our store for details and feel free to look around because theirs something for everyone.

Jewelry Should Be Fun to Wear and Compliment Your Individual Beauty.

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