Nov 24, 2008

Acne and Skin Conditions

Acne, or the formation of pimples on the skin, is a condition that affects many people the world over. It can start in teen years, or even in middle age. While it appears all to prevalent today, it is not a modern problem.

Numerous recipes were created to cure "spots on the face," including wearing garlic around the neck and standing under a full moon. In Victorian times, corsets were blamed and later chocolate. The worst part of the sometimes-chronic disorder is the lack of reasoning behind why it occurs. We as a modern public have advanced capabilities including DNA testing, yet simple
Acne is not understood fully.
Up until the early 1990's, doctors were still casting blame on greasy foods, salt and chocolate as the main cause of breakouts. Parents blamed a child's cleansing habits. What has surfaced, however, is that the true culprits of Acne may differ greatly and many times lack explanation. Hormones, atmospheric conditions, allergies, over production of oil, the list goes on can be some of the contributing factors.
So too can vitamin and mineral deficiencies play a major role, such as in the case of zinc, which aids in the production of new skin tissue. Essential oils, however, can be a supplement to prescribed or daily skin treatments. Retin-A is a popular topical prescription. A derivative of vitamin A, it is basically free from side effects and works quite nicely.
It is costly however. Carrots, which contain a high amount of vitamin A have been traditionally cooked, mashed and applied to the face as a mask to help relieve the immense discomfort Acne can pose. To get an even heightened effect, oil or essential oil of carrot and carrot seed have be used. That Girl's Night Cream is a great moisturizer for all skin types because of the type of oils we use. There is misleading information about oil. Oils in moisturizers are helpful and oils in moisturizers are made usually for all skin types.
Acne Mask
1 carrot cooked and mashed 10 drops carrot essential oil 1 capsule vitamin A oil (optional) 1 teaspoon parsley Mash hot carrots and add other ingredients. Let cool slightly and apply to face, staying away from the eye area. Let dry and wash off with warm water.
Do no more than twice a week. Non-medicated soap is suggested for use twice a day. Why not add a few drops of carrot oil to liquid cleansing products? Healing lavender, green clay, emu oil or purifying tea tree also can work wonders. Try that girl's lavender and oatmeal soap.
The key is to find your specific type of Acne and pick oils that will best fight your battle.

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