Sep 28, 2010

Softer Feet Tip

Hi all we all have been very busy lately. So here I go. New food post will come soon later this or next week. Hear are a few health tips for now. More beauty tips can be found at our facebook page under discussion.

Try to soak your feet for around 10mins, once a week. Soaking feet helps soften hardened skin and makes removing hard cracked skin easier. You will get a better result removing soaked skin than regular dry skin.

After removing dry crack skin on feet apply a good foot moisturizer (like a body butter) and put some socks over your feet so they bask in deep moisture.

More beauty tips and not the same ones can be found at both facebook page under discussion or myspace blog.

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Ere said...

We always applied makeup for all ages, different age so was also his way to applied makeup, very helpful by the way thanks.
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