Apr 1, 2010

My Cake Creation

How do you like my purse cake? White cake with vanilla frosting and pink icing. Guess what I used as a handle for this purse cake? I'll give you a hint it's a type of candy.

I sure had fun making this cake and I will be leaving instructions on ingredients of this cake.

I love to hear from my reader and followers. Don't be shy leave a comment as long as it has to do with the topic at hand. How much you like my cake, changes you would make on this cake?, etc. Remember spam comments will be deleted and not shown. Thanks I hope you enjoy.

Believe it or not you can purchase a cake like this one on my site, but it's only sold in the local VA area. Contact me if you leave in Virginia for more information on how you can purchase. Designed with food coloring, mixed with almond extract and the handle is edible.


I used an old fashion basic cake mix, but I used white instead of yellow. It has been come increasingly popular once again.
1-2-3-4 White Cake

* 1 cup butter, at room temperature
* 2 cups sugar
* 3 cups sifted self-rising flour
* 4 eggs
* 1 cup milk
* 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


Oskar said...

hahaha the licorice as handles is genius!

That Girls Beaty Blog said...

thanks for the comment Oskar