Mar 31, 2010

Alternative Style Secerts

Inexpensiveness Style Secrets & Favorite Finds - From our Beauty & Fashion Director/Editor.

I have been an purse and shoe obsessed woman for years, but with the effects of the recession I have had to make some changes to my spending habits. Keep my shopping down to a minimum while looking for more bargains.

I'm not saying the items I purchase have to be cheap just with the quality to make me want to purchase. Here are a few ideas on how you can save some money.
This blog has other post on this idea of saving. Feel free to add your money saving tips
on shopping either fashion or beauty.

TIED ON ONE: When did adding a scarf to you pants become something new?
I have recently read a few articles that mentioned this very thing. Using a long scarf on your jeans thru your belt loop. I guess it just hadn't hit the high end fashion world yet like the rest of us, because this is nothing new. My friends and I have been doing this for many years.
We use to also wear a long pearl and metal necklace around our waist or thru our jeans.
So if you would like to update your wardrobe use a colorful patterned scarf by twisting it through the belt loops. You may even use a piece of jewelry like a pearl necklace instead, but a long scarf sash will become one of the most used items in your wardrobe.

Do you own a tunic? If do, which is very popular right now, you may knot the scarf at the waist and it wear over your tunic. Whether you use it to accent a hat or a purse, tie it around your waist, wear it like a belt, or use it as a bag options are indeed almost endless.

I personally use a silk taupe scarf on my similar matching taupe and dark brown color Fendi purse. Need a new purse? If your scarf is long enough you may use it as a purse. Just don't add to many items because it may not be sturdy enough to handle the weight. Plus the bulk and bulging is unattractive. Remember Breakfast at Tiffany's or even Audrey Hepburn? She use to wear it around her hat and Audry used it sometimes on her bag.

Using a scarf as a head band, Rhoda does any one remember that character? From the Mary Tyler Moore show, and later had her own show a spin off named Rhoda in 1974. Rhoda Morgenstern during her Ronda show use to dress like a hippie (the gypsy like look). Her character use to wear a scarf around her head. So yes since at least 2009 if not earlier square scarves have become popular again.

So whether you are buying a cheap scarf, already own one, or using a designer brand like a Hermes scarf you can update your look instantly and use it for coordination!

While looking for a deal you can image my joy with my love of shoes to have discovered Switch Flops. They are these amazing flat shoes that can change their look with a flip of a switch lol.
How? The emblem/ snap-ons can be swapped for each pair of shoes you owe by Switch a flip, and come in 12 different styles. The price is about $62 a pair with one emblem/ snap-on is $10 per so it's like a whole new shoe collection. I would be more amazed if you could wear it with any another shoe you already own, but then it would not be in the companies best interest.

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