Mar 23, 2010

Giveaway and New Review

New Blog Editor and Giveaway (Category: Blogging) .
As you know we have a new blogger who will be joining our team. Who will provide most of our beauty tips. We are also participating in a blog giveaway and our review is coming soon. Located @ .

We can't guarantee a positive review or that she will like all the scents we choose to give. We are however confident in our handmade /homemade products. Specially our creams, balms, facial care, pet care and soaps.

Want to learn more about us please visit either ThatGirl.Artfire or/and That Girl's Main Site.
You should see our review as soon as this month of March or in the month of April. We are participating in the April Showers Giveaway Starting April 1 - April 30th.

We sent our signature scent Citrus in Goat Milk Soap, Moisturizing Trio Scented Heart Lip Butter and finally a half ounce Sugar Plum Scent (an Exotic floral that is slightly spicy and fruity). For more details, further updates, information please continue checking out our blog @