Mar 18, 2010

Beauty Tips for Fair Skin Green Eye Beauties

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Beauty Tips For the Fair Skin and Green Eyed.

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Color tones = blue undertone.

Makeup Beauty Tips: Look for a silver cool tone to your whites. So silver tones (cool) or off white like a cream.
How can you make your lips hot in night club lighting?

Lips: Stay away from mattes (popular this season), pastels and light natural colors. Unless you plan on playup only your eyes. Don’t use very dark lipstick and instead try a sheer but bright color in the mauve, fuchsia, or berry family.

When used in a sheer gloss or lipstick with clear gloss it plays up your lips. The light hits your lips creating a noticeable yet beautiful affect without looking vamp. Look for sheer on the color label to ensure it is not full coverage. Colors that are too light or matte makes you look ghostly because of the lighting. Stay away from frost too in night club lighting unless your going for the gothic dead look. Make sure to use color that is glossy or add gloss. The gloss reflecting light is just as important as the color.

Green Eyes look best (contrast) in many different shades of purples and pinks. Why because of the contrast in the colors. It is the opposite in the color chart spectrum from green. It will make your baby greens more noticeable. Not that you can not use grays, certain greens or dark browns for a smoky eye effect. This is from one of my beauty blogs. I hope this simple info was helpful.

I will provide you with another blog about club makeup tips. So you look your most beautiful in club lightning. Remember photos taken with bright camera lighting and the type of lightly in clubs can make some people look ghostly or make dark circles more noticeable. I have know some women who don't have any but the lighting with makeup cast the nasty glow.

Look your most beauty every day and remember as always 'skin is in'. That Girls trys to provide makeup advice for women of all races and sizes. We welcome suggestions :) .

If anyone has an suggesting on makeup for darker complexion women please share on the comment box. Thanks - Dee (Deb)


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Aside from using eye creams, you can consult a dermatologist who can prescribe more intensive therapies to help you remove dark circles or take Vitamin B and antioxidants like A, C and E.

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