Feb 25, 2010

Gentle Face Massage

Want to enjoy a spa like facial massage? A facial deep cleaning, steaming with essential oils or just water, exfoliate (optional), relaxing massage, treatment mask and hydrating moisturizer.

Why massage? A light massage will circulate and drain of excess
fluid and cellular waste. By using steam or comfortable warm compress and the lightest
pressure, move the fingertips of both hands in an upward motion from the neck to the
forehead. Another great technique of massage is to flick your finger tips gently over face with a non-clogging oil.

You may put a towel over you head to help the steam take on greater effect. This is great relaxing exercise in beauty you can do at home. After wards try a gentle facial mask, if desired. Then continue with your regular routine, e.g. toner and your favorite moisturizer. Next, Take a salt water foot bath. Finally relax in a bath tub with bubble bath, and candles to set the mood.

On of the best oil to use is jojoba oil and That Girl's Massage oil and moisturizers contain jojoba oil. Don't gamble with your skin's health always wear sunscreen!

Next we will discuss an a recipe for reducing puffy eyes, possible two homemade rejuvenate blend for clear skin and a natural Deep Clean Facial Steam.

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