Jan 1, 2010

Your Body Shape and Size

Trying to find the best look for our bodies is frustrating and confusing. We want to play up our best features and play down less attractive features. The easiest to do this is with a set of guidelines that match basic body types with suggestions that enhance their best features.

For broad shoulder and thick women, use V-necks, drop shoulders, and dolman or raglan sleeves and avoid padded shoulders and puff sleeves. Narrow shoulders need lightly padded shoulders pads. This is fine as long as they don't look like the 1980's, (I wrote this before the 80's came back in) small collars, and are flattered by halter tops and diagonal lines from shoulder to waist. Granted the 80's and big shoulder pads are back, but do what you feel is right for your body. Do what is comfortable for you a lone. Tank tops great for all year round even in the winter to layer with other items. Tank tops for full bosom woman or large woman should be thick straps. Though thin straps will increase the long of your breast it will also make your shoulders appear wider.

Long waisted girls look good high-waisted slacks, skirt lengths just below the knee, wide belts, a layered look and should avoid hip-hugger pants. Shirt can be long which has been in style for the past few years. Short waisted girls should be encouraged to wear pants which ride low on waistline and low-slung belts. Shirts should be at or above the waist as to not shorting your torso and legs.

Thick waist look good in vest, loose waistlines, dolmen sleeves, chemise dresses, and long tunic over skirt but should avoid wide belts and pleated or gathered skirts. Small waists are flattered by any belts and waist accents. Fuller busts are flattered by loose fitting tops, long-sleeved blouses, V-necks, open necks. And should avoid tube tops, tight ribbed knits, patch pockets on shirts, and puffy sleeves. Small busts look terrific is flowing blouses, brightly colored blouses, tub tops, thin straps, halter tops, horizontal yokes, and padded shoulders in the 1980's.

Short necks should wear V-necks, open collars, and scoop necks, hanging pendants. Long neck are flattered by turtlenecks, cowl necks, layered looks, necklaces, and scarves at the neck. Small bodies good better in simple linear designs, pleated skirts, slacks, one color head-to-toe, long sleeves, medium width belts, and vertical stripes. Short legs a should wear vertical stripes, solid colors, mid-calf length skirts and dresses, and high-heeled shoes.

Heavy legs should wear straight-leg slacks, boots, just below the knee skirts and dresses, high-heel shoes, dark colored shoes and stockings, but avoid short skirts, tight pants, and shoes with straps. Small hips should wear pleated, gathered skirts, and chemise dresses, but avoids tight skirts. Large hips and thighs are flattered by colored skirts and dresses, dark colored hose/shoes, and single colored outfits. They should avoid large, busy patterns on skirts/pants, horizontal stripes on skirts/pants, brightly colored or plaid skirts or pants, gathered skirts, and pants with back pockets.

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- by Kelley