Aug 19, 2009

Creating Cleavage

These tips are great for small chested woman. You should feel wonderful about yourself just the way you are but if these tips make you feel better than do apply.

First start by applying a contour powder. Use a light / white and a dark / brown for contouring if you have medium or darker skin color. I use eye shadow for both and a light loose setting powder too. Also many companies have made many color selections in bronzers from fair to dark. These are very good to use for shadowing, but use a color that you would natural have. Ex the color should be the same you would you for your cheeks. Apply the dark color first. Up from the middle and arc out like a shortened "C" on both sides. Basically and arc. Don’t forget a straight line under your collar bone and a "V" above the line. This will make you appear much thinner in this area and your breast larger. You want to give the same allusion with the dark color. BLEND all these areas well. Just like you face makeup, you should not be able to tell where colors start and end.

Fourth, tape the chest. This is the hardest part to get consistent. If you are not very flat chested or this is not for you please don't. It can also hurt and leave a scar if not done correctly. There are three good choices for taping: duct tape, athletic tape, surgical or first aid tape. All have their own pluses and minuses. I would use the first or the latter, specifically, colored duct tape or Transpore ® surgical tape by 3M. Transpore ® has decent adhesion, is breathable, and slightly elastic in nature. There are also three ways to tape. I will go over the pluses and minus of both issues later near the end of the section.

First thing, make sure the area you are going to tape is clean and dry! Take a damp washcloth and wipe the area well. This will help clean up any makeup that might have accidentally fallen in this area. Also, if you went a little wild on the antiperspirant, we need the area near your arm pits cleaned too. This is necessary for good adhesion of the tape. Now, get a piece of tape about 12 to 14 inches long. It might be a little shorter or longer, depending on the size of your chest. Feel where you peck muscle is. You are going to apply one end of the tape just to the outside of this muscle, half way between you armpit and your nipple. Apply it at an angle so it ends up just beside and under the nipple. You will also want to slightly curve it as you go, next to, and under this area. At this point, only about one-third to one-half of the tape should be attached. If you have less than that left, your piece is too short. Let the remainder of the tape hang and repeat this step on the other side.

Now, bend over at the waist and with both hands, press your chest skin up and toward the center your neck. You can get it up that far, but that is the direction you want to push it up. Besides, if you could move you chest up to your neck, you wouldn’t need to be doing all of this work to create cleavage! You should be able to use you index finger and thumb on one hand to hold it all in one place. Grab one of the loose ends of tape and pull it to the opposite side of you chest. Pull it across firm to tight.

Pulling to hard will pull off the tape completely or break it. Besides, you not playing "tug of war" with your skin. Attach straight across or at a slight down angle is fine. This is a little harder to do by yourself than it sounds. Its hard not to interfere with the other piece of tape dangling there as you pull the first one across your chest. I usually loop back the loose end of the piece I’m not working with, up on my wrist holding my skin or shoulder. I should have taken a picture of that. Sorry about that, but I think you’ll find out what I mean when you try it. Well, after you get the first piece across and in place, rub you fingers on it to ensure a good adhesion. Repeat the same procedure for the other side.

If you think you might be going somewhere warm, you might want to use a third piece over the top for extra security. You should end up with one nice wrinkle in your chest for the cleavage. If you end up with two or three little one, just push on your skin above and below the tape in the middle of your chest to reposition it for one wrinkle. Some people say to just pull as hard as you can on the tape to get cleavage instead of holding the skin up first. You can do that, but you will risk damaging your skin! I know this sounds dumb, but the is a difference between taping skin in place that has been repositioned, and pulling skin in place.

The first is moving a whole area in place, then securing it there. The latter will pull on your top layer of skin, which could result in blisters. Also, try to make sure there are few or no wrinkles in the tape. That can also cause a problem. I hope these last two warning makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, it will 6 hours later after you did this the wrong way. Just ask my friend Jo. She had a red skin irritation along with a few blisters for a month!

When you are ready to remove any type of tape. Do Not Yank it off. Some of the top layer of skin might come with it! Pull it of slowly and hold your skin in place as you remove it. If you are wearing tape during warm weather, your perspiration will aid in coming off later. In mild weather, your body heat over a few hour , will make the adhesion better. So, be careful when you remove it! If you use a really good tape, you might need to take a hot shower to help remove it. Better than damaging your skin!

The Wrap Around method is another good way to create cleavage. You take one very long piece of tape that will go around you body one and a half times. Its like a belt around your chest. Put this one long piece around you back just below the shoulder blades. Bend over and let free ends hang off your sides. Press your chest up in place. Take the ends one at a time and pull them to the opposite side as tight as you can. That’s it. Pretty simple and very effective! But, I don’t like this method because it shows through when you wear something form fitting. Its also hard to breathe because is like a tight bust enhancing corset.

The "Pull on the Sides" taping method was shown to me by a transgendered sister. Two pieces of tape, criss-cross, pulled hard and tight on your chest to create the cleavage. I tried it and work well for two hours and then started pinching your skin for hours. There are some special kits made for the procedure that can produce good results.

Sounds too hard and time consuming then just shadow and us a wonder or push-up bra. Now you can try to imagine how it was for your mother or grandma before the push up bra was invented.

- by Kelley

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