Jun 5, 2009

Makeup Tips for Lips and Eyes

Makeup: Lips and Eyes

Puffy eyes? Bags under your eyes? Apply frozen chamomile bags on your eyelids, fresh cucumbers, Pepperation H, or Put some ice cubes in a bag, wrap in a washcloth, and put on eyes for 5 min. Prepperation H wouldn't help dark circles. dark circles are due to broken capillaries. Stop that picking! The more you touch your face, the more oil gets deposited on it. Makes your pores larger too. Oil=clogged pores, clogged pores= zits and blackheads.


To make lips look bigger, use a hint of color or clear gloss. Matte, lining inside your lips, and dark lips make them looks smaller. Want to make your lips look fuller? Line the inside of your lip by filling in your lip with color and outline it in a light color ;close to your natural color. Outline outside of your natural line, but just a little. Use an a medium to darker shade lip pencil and draw a faint line just under the middle of your bottom lip. Smudge with your finger, add lipstick or a satin gloss. Apply a light amount of gloss in the center of your lips. It gives the look of a shadow, a fuller lip and the light hits the center of the lip were the gloss is. Do this last.
Do not use a dark brown grey or black eye pencil. This is a common mistake, very unattractive and trassy. Yes they were talking about you, learn darling. :) I'm here for you.


Want cream eyeshadow? Apply eyeshadow then a little Vaseline with your regular powder and spread the Vaseline over with a Q-tipnstead . As in Blog Entry March, 2008. Instead of using an eyeliner pencil, make your own liquid liner. Take a small makeup brush and dip it in water. Then, dip in in powder and line your lids. To make powder eyeliner that last much longer, take a small eye brush and dip it into the powder or dry/wet eyeshadow. Apply around eye area as you normally do. You may instead retrace you regular eyeliner with shadow for an easier application.
Eyeshadow creasing or not lasting for long? To make eye shadow stay on longer powder with loose powder, baking soda, cornstarch or baby powder. This is your eyelids for becoming greasy.
I hear a lot of people use hairspray for unruly eyebrows. I prefer to use clear mascara, its quick and easy and you don't need an applicator of any kind. If it doesn't work you may really need to give then a good trimming. Shape them up girl! :)


Make your own lipgloss: mix some Vaseline in a pot with kool-aid. Mmmmmm tastes great! Never skip the chapstick or vaseline as a base before putting on lipstick when in the mood for glossy lips. Don't lick your lips, It drys them even more.
Lip stain staying power this is very old fashion now with long wearing lipstick but if necessary you can still use this simple old yet effective trick. Always dust your lips with powder first, use a lip pencil to line and fill in lips, apply lipstick matte, next apply lip pencil all over lips again as before. Finally apply gloss to keep them from chapping or drying. Some people like to apply chap stick first but it may make lip color wear away faster. So apply on afterward.

Got a little patch of flaky skin but not enough time to go exfoliate and moisturize? Take a strip of scotch tape, stick it on, tear it off. It may hurt a little and may take a couple "rips" to get the skin off, but it works. When you're done, cleans the area and put on aloe vera or vaseline on to soothe it. Moisturize- very important for your skin to keep it healthy and soft.

- by Kelley

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