Jun 6, 2009

How to Apply Foundation Correctly

Makeup Tips on how to apply foundation the right way.
Basic Foundation Tips that every female should know.
1-Make sure to use the right moisturiser. This is a key for long lasting makeup.
2-For a light sheer result,apply your powder with a brush;for a matt result apply it with a powder puff.
3-Always choose your powder or your foundation color acc. to your neck color.
4-Apply your blusher in a "c" shape around the eyes to enhance and brighten your eyes.
5-Use the concealer first followed by your foundation then finally apply your powder.
1-Apply white eyeliner into the lower inner rim to make your eyes look brighter.
2-Mascara easy!!! Apply it upwards and outwards concentrating at the base to create more volume.
3-Apply your eyeliner as close as possible to your lashes to avoid a white line when your liner and lashes don't connect.
4-Keep your eyes slightly open when you apply makeup to the crease of your eyes.
5- Eyeshadow!!! Use less at first and increase layer by layer till you get the exact color,depth and shape.

-by Kelley