Nov 21, 2008

Classic Bridal Makeup Tips and Hair Styles

The wedding day is near and you need to think about HAIR and MAKEUP. Maybe you can gather some clues and information from the following. You have chosen your wedding dress, and bridesmaids have been asked, and its the count down to your special day.

These are basic classic rules, but it is a good idea to look online or thru bridal catalogs for the
newest bridal hair styles and makeup. Look for updated trends some even may become classics one day.

If you are planning your wedding and haven't yet bought your dress, visit a Color Image Consultant who can show which white is the white that suits your skin tone. Before picking out colors for bridesmaids outfits, it is also an great idea to have them color-imaged also. Then you can pick out a color that suits everyone's skin tone and hopefully also fits in with the "look" you are after.

If you are not using skincare products, now is the time to get your skin in good condition and use complimentary products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) for your skin and a weekly facial treatment. Invest in good quality skincare and your skin will thank you for it. From my experience of doing bridal makeups and photography, through the 1990's and into the 2000's, the skin that have been looked after, are the ones that the makeup looks more natural on. All brides I have done have had a "trial run" with makeup colors and on the day I know exactly what to use, and my fingers tell me very quickly which skins have been cared-for.

If you are doing the makeup yourself, then it is not a time to experiment with anything novel or the look of the moment. Keep the look very natural with some depth of color. Use brushes and sponges, not fingers for your application. Go for matte shades which are far more flattering than glittery or pearlie ones. Nails should be in a neutral pastel nail color. Foundation should match your skin tone.

Wear a pretty shade of blush - pink if you are fair, rose if you are dark. Tip use slightly more blush than you usually would wear, but still natural. Contour the eyes slightly but avoid a strong color like charcoal for your wedding makeup. Define the brows gently, so they don't overpower. Charcoal, Navy, Dark Grey are great choices for eyeliner. Keep shadow colors light to medium. Avoid frosted makeup completely, as it reflects in photos. After applying foundation, set with Neutral Loose Powder Brighten your lipstick color, if wearing white. If you normally wear brown, use it as a base and put a pink or rose on top.

Very soft pastels - pinks and peaches - are most appropriate for a bride and will last through the day. A little green pencil within the lower lashes will pick up the green in the eyes. Use blue for blue eyes, lilac for brown.This model has been made up with a peach blusher, and her eyes have peach shadow over the whole eye, apricot shadow on inner half of lid and on browbone close to eyebrow. A rust brown colour is on the outer half of lid, and blended lightly under eye, in with a soft green eyeliner. Lipstick is a peachy-gold tone.

BLUSH colour across the top are Peach, Dusk, Pale Pink and Crushed Grape.

EYESHADOWS are Linen, Grape, Beige and Rose Brown.Dusky Mauve, Periwinkle, Deep Taupe and Sea Coral.

In daylight nothing is more harsh so avoid heavy makeup and foundation. Instead stick with natural mineral makeup or if older reflexive liquid makeup. Reflexive makeup has a slight pearl-like affect on skin making shadows or imperfections less noticeable. If you can't afford to hire a makeup artist then I would suggest a looking at a friend who's makeup application you love, or your bridesmaid, mother or and yourself can learn techniques ahead of time.

Makeup for Bridesmaids, Mother and Mother-in-law of Bride should be done in colors to suit the skin tone with some thought to the color of the frocks worn also. Don't wear pink lipstick with peach blush, or vice versa. Lipstick and Blush needs to be in similar tone, not in competition. Mother of the bride with soft natural looking makeup and a hair style that suits the face and occasion.

For an older woman getting married, or for Mothers of Bride and Groom, avoid hard pencil lines around eyes, and keep colors soft and subtle. This model has a pink-brown blusher, and brown pink lipstick, and the eyes have a light brown gold shadow on lid and socket. A hint of grey gray-brown is on inner brow bone, and a br onze color is blended just under the eye. The inner corner of eye is outlined with a dark grey (gray ) pencil.

If formal wedding photos are being taken a few days before the wedding then these tips may be of help. Bright camera lights tend to wash out colour on the face. Foundation needs to be one shade deeper than skintone to give a warm look. Cheek Colour needs to be kept away from nose and eyes. Corals and peaches are best for colour photography for every skintone.Lips can be in coral or clear red shades of medium intensity. Avoid pearly shades. Outline lips with pencil close to natural lip colour (taupe or soft creamy brown/nude).

Face Powder - dust lightly over entire face for smooth velvety finish. If you don't want to go old school then use a face oil blotter to take away shine, but not smudge your makeup.

Eyeshadow - keep to matte shades. Brown or grey on lid and pale matte under the brow.
Wedding makeup is traditionally kept simple - a light eye shadow with rosy cheeks and a nude lip color or pink. Many people believe that too much eye makeup is a bad choice. Most weddings are during the summer during daylight so heavy eye makeup may look to harsh.

May woman request a dark smoky eye with pale nude lips. This look is great for dates, but a big mistake and not at all appropriate for a wedding. You want to treasure your wedding photos so I would suggest to stay away from dark bright makeup. Instead play in safe and still with earthy natural tones of brown, beige, taupe, pinks, corals or anyone other pastels.

Bare in mind that the color choosen should be right for your eye, skin tone and hair color.
If you do want a smoky eye color I would go with brown, brownish black or smoky gray colors, but never black or very dark or bright colors.

Eyeliner - keep soft and smudged as camera picks up dark lines. Mascara - dont skip it but dont overdo it too much.

Eyebrows - brush hairs so that they dont look straggly, and fill in gaps with a light pencil.
Some of the beautiful Brides that I have "made-up" during the 1990's. They wore white dresses from icy white, and winter white, to ivory and milky coffee shades, with bridesmaids colors that toned in beautifully.

HAIR for Bridesmaids and Bride.
Make sure your Bridesmaids are stunning with flowers in the hair or a wonderful head-dress to fit the occasion.

Long curly hair can be left to dry naturally or scrunch-dried for extra body. Comb top hair smooth then place a silk flower garland squarely on top of the head. Hold in place with hair grips for a snug fit, pushing them in from the outside of the ring towards the centre.

For a soft romantic style, turn long hair into cascading curls. Then holding the front section of hair about 15 cm or 6 inches from the roots, push it forwards to give height around hairline, framing the face, and hold in place with hair grips. Decorate the hair with a few fresh roses and sprigs of gypsophila pinned in place.

For a delicate arrangement on a comb decorate a slide comb by wrapping fine silver wire around the stems of chosen flowers. Hold them in place on right side of comb, then bend wire between teeth of comb to fasten. Gently gather hair from one side of head up towards the crown and roll the ends under. Hold the roll in place with hair grips but let a few curls spiral naturally onto the nape. Repeat on the other side, then roll up the nape hair in the same way. Place the decorated comb along the roll on one side.

HAIR Styles for Brides
This style is for the "glam" look. Make a side parting and gather hair into a high ponytail on your crown, leaving a section loose at the front. Now divide the ponytail into 6 equal sections, and roll each one under, fastening to the base of the ponytail with grips. Brush the front section smoothly over your forehead, clipping it behind your ear. Let a few sections fall loose to soften the style.

If using a tiara as an accessory this style may be for you. Leave the front section loose and sweep the rest up into a high ponytail. Divide ponytail into 5 sections. Roll up each one of the 3 middle sections to form three neat buns and hold in place at base of ponytail with hair clips. Fix the tiara at the front, then coil each of the other sections and clip at the sides of the tiara. Roll fringe back and clip in place.

A halo of golden curls looks very elegant. Sweep the hair off your face with a pretty head-dress. Whether your curls are natural or permed, make sure they last all day and dont droop. Set them on small heated bendy rollers in the morning and leave them in until cold, then take out and fix the style with hairspray.

Massage a grapefruit sized blob of mousse into dry hair. Brush hair through then part it at the side. Next spirally wind hair down the length of slim tongs, take 2.5 cm or 1 inch sections at a time. Or you can use bendy rollers. When all your hair is curled into ringlets hold in place with a spritz of hairspray. If you have an untidy fringe, roll it up off your face and clip to secure.


Keep away from too much light. If you can use a back drop pink background looks great on all skin types. Lighting is very important so make sure you have a great photographer with references and samples of her/his work. Know the lighting before hand so you choice the proper makeup. As above not only is the color you choice key but they type.

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