Oct 8, 2008


Make-up, Clothes, and YOU!

Okay, As far as make-up (Cosmetics)
Purple's are really in!
Purple's like --lilac purples, all shades of purples.
OR dark purples for a great drama look.
Heavy lips will slowly go away but mauve's and Berry's are here to stay.
Heavy eye and lip makeup are in: i.g.
A Berry gloss lip and heavy eyeliner and mascara
Nude lips are in with heavy eye makeup
You will see darker shades of purple mostly this fall and winter season.
Ruffles on purses, Big Pearls with lace ribbon to tie around your neck.
Big accessories, Biggest Trend? Look out for Lace.
Also, PINKS and very hot Gray-Silver, are in for now!
Mauve's and natural pink purples. Boots of all heights fr: ankle booties to knee highs in leather or suede in many different styles. Low flats, Stilettos, wedes, etc.
Animal Print is very hot and animal print accessories with faux fur; mostly purses. Here to stay: Continue to see black nail polish in fashion this year.

Idea for a longer curl? Before using an eyelash curlers heat it with a blow dryer to get a better held curl. But don't let it get too hot, or you'll let it burn your eyelashes and or eye.
Using an old mascara brush as a brow brush? It works great after you thoroughly cleanse it under hot water and soap (To get the mascara off). Them dip the brush in alcohol and let it dry. After that use it as a brow brush and spray some hairspray on an old toothbrush to keep brows in place.

Puffy eyes? Try a luke warm green tea bag under your eyes to get those bags to go far away. The green tea acts similar too chamomile; which is calming for sensitive skin. 2nd Choice: To help with puffy bags under your eyes, put an ice cube under them for about 10 seconds.

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