Oct 17, 2008

Beneficial Effects of Sea Salts

They are colored with a small amount of FDA approved colorant. The colors vary and compliment the scent of the bath salt. Stress & Pain Relief, Essential Lavender & Green Tea Detox are in shades of blue or green.

The beneficial effects of Sea Salts on the skin and their unique therapeutic and beautifying powers have been recognized since ancient times. Cleopatra, considered the most beautiful woman in the world, went to great expense to obtain exclusive rights over the Dead Sea area. At her command, pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories were built near the Dead Sea. Their remains can still be seen today at Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi. The use of Dead Sea bath salts at home is an effective way to relax and absorb the minerals of the Dead Sea.

Bath Salt- Why?
Bath salt offers a variety of benefits for both body and mind. Bath Salt can be an excellent muscle tension relief agent with studies showing that it physically helps relieve muscle stress. A relaxing soak is a perfect way to can reduce a stressed mind. Essential bath salt will soothe the mind and aid in muscle tension relief and let you take a bath delight. Bath Salt also benefits the circulatory system and fights infection. It is an excellent choice for aching feet and legs. Dry skin? Bath salt is an excellent skin softener/moisturizer. It also helps pull impurities from the skin.

Research has proven the efficiency of Sea bath salts in alleviating skin diseases such as psoriasis. It is also highly beneficial for relieving muscle tension or for simply relaxing and enjoying a rejuvenating experience. There’s nothing like a soak in a Dead Sea Salt bath. This practice was once relegated to high-end spas and expensive skin clinic, but now therapeutic salt baths are becoming common practice in homes all across America. A Sea Salt bath provides a medium for deep relaxation, as well as a feast of minerals for the skin.

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