Mar 19, 2014

My review of Creams

This post is a review of three products I have tried myself.
  1. First is a facial night moisturizer by Bare Minerals that I have used for over a year now and jar is almost empty. Also a gentle facial wash by BareMinerals.
  2. Is a eye cream to help with puffiness and dark circles under eye by Clique.
  3. Is a de-puff eye roll gel by Clique.
My reviews. Positive excellent for the facial heavy cream. I think it one of the best regular night creams around. Keeps skin looking smooth and soft. However negative it feels heavy at first. Facial wash is nice gentle but didn't help much with blemishes. 

Review of Eye Cream: haven't notice much difference after 6 weeks but the de puff roll on gel I notice
more of a difference and it had a nice cooling touch. The eye cream 3 stars and de-puff roll gel and night cream I give 4 stars. I say it works good for temporarily de-puffing the eyes.

Image to follow and this original article has been updated since written in 2012.

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