Nov 14, 2012

Credit Only as Good as Name

Me myself and I

Will I lose my credit history when I get married ?  Does my name on my credit have to be the same as on my Driver's License ?

This is Kelley. I have never heard of someone having as much trouble as myself changing a last name due to marriage. I had spent most of my life using my very hard to pronounce or spell maiden name.

I have a relative who has changed her name 4 times for each and ever marriage. She had been married only a year longer than I. She has had no troubles with her name change and she didn't keep her maiden or any former name. Yet when they moved and got a phone listed in just her husband's name she was identified as a family member living at the household. Only credit offers that come to her are in her current married name.

Mine was only coming to my maiden name and recent online public records that were created a few months after I moved are only under my maiden name.  I got a public listed phone number under both my married and maiden name but that did help. Apparently one Kelley Maiden name lived at that address.

Wherever Kelley Maiden name lives Kelley Married does not. There are is no data for a Kelley married with info matching mine. My maiden name is not linked to my married name. Well at least I am finally related to my husband even if I supposedly don't share his last name. Only after I posted a another wedding announcement a year after the wedding. This time online and a couple of sites picked it up.

Four years after finally changing my last name to my spouses and children. My credit report finally has my married name. Apparently I am an old woman at age 58, 61 to 62. My grandmother's month and mother's dob is mixed up as with mine. Some times my father's dob. My addresses mixed up with other relatives. My brother's name and sex is listed as my alias on most public data sites and have his phone number listed as mine.

Meaning I may have 1, 2, 3, or even 7 seperate listings all me but with first name spelling varations. I am both male and female. Sometimes listed as one and later the other whether my alias is Kelly (female), Kelley (Male) or Kenneth (Male). People search sites I have opt out of have also opted out brothers info even though he did not request the removal.

Why? Because they seem to be under the impression that Kenney doesn't exist outside of my alias. That we are one in the same though public birth records and school records we beg to differ. In other words if you didn't personally know my family you would be lead to believe I am Kelley and I am Kenney or Kenneth.

That I have no family or can't be sure how I am related to them since I am older than both my parents.

First I thought no biggy it's just publicly available data sites that are mixing up my information. Because it's not government, state info, or information I have publicly provided. According to the SSA (Social Security Administration) some young college students have called to complain that when applying for a school loan. The source used to do a back ground check said they don't exist or has their data mixed with someone else.

Then they were unable to get the college loan. Making the assumption that the government has control over these sites, or the data came from them, and it did not. Turned out that the college students like myself have the correct name and social security number on file with the SSA, DMV, Voter registration, IRS, etc.

It's people background sites that have it mixed up from data brokers. Your personal info on these sites does matter! What if they will only hide the info and not delete or change info? Even if you can prove it is inaccurate? That you never proved the inaccurate info they have on file?

Now don't get me wrong my maiden name was and is unique. Combined with my first name I am the only person on this planet with the name Kelley Maiden name. That's right no one in my family shares my first name. Yet my information is being confused with other family member's that don't even share my maiden name, or have completely different first names.

These sites usually get my past and current addresses right so it's not like I am safe from stalking or whatever. So in the end their is no positive out look to very inaccurate info. My married name usually doesn't existing and when it does (twice) it is viewed as only alias I once used in a phone directory.

If I could have it all over to do again I would never have changed my last name. I never wanted to before maybe in the end it was a mistake to change my view on marriage and last names. Since their is nothing as of yet I can do about it but the waiting game.

This has not just effected my data bases online profile, but my writing credit, and my credit history file as well. Yes I couldn't use my social security number with my current last name. It had nothing to do with the SSA office but the credit agencies not doing their job. In a way I currently don't exist as married name. To Be continued?

I think that the data messed up is a combination of things, human error and computer systems not understanding.


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