Sep 18, 2012

Fall Fashion

This year is all about color. From bright colored skinny jeans and shoes to Dark Brown Reds to burgundies. Are all the rave this season.  Wear dark crimson color from head to toe for a lengthy look. Break it up with a touch of subtle color like rich brown. Wear the dark red brown from the top to bottom but have a tee of a different but complementing color show though at the bottom of the shirt. Then color begins with pants.

You can do this also with a separate skirt and top but find tights in matching main color and shoes for an all over slimming look. Make sure all other accessorizes and bag are in a different color.

The early grudge look for children is in but all modern twist to the now classic. The Bohemian look is still hear to stay, but not the only look for fashion. Polk a dots are super popular from sweaters to accessories such as scarfs, shoes and purses.

Whether modern and sleek - well put together fitted tailor looking pieces, or boho chic, to a little casual and grudge. Theirs seems to be a look ... or something for everyone this year.

Nail Art gone crazy !  This fashion craze is main stream and hasn't stopped. The brightly painted nails, one color different, American flag, etc in short nails.  Is now replacement with more winter colors of gold and black in long and sharply pointed.  Dark polish such as black is back in fashion this fall and winter in short nails and light pink and nude lady like colors are out.

Lip stick, stain or gloss still seems to be fresh nudes or brightly hued colors. Fashion think horses and clothing you use riding. That's right equestrian.  The look is back in a big way. From purses, boots, jewelry and clothing having buckles displayed. Doesn't mean to look like your going horse riding just some inspired pieces of the look.

Military jackets also classic but in again fall 2012. Long and short lengths in wool and other fabrics, but with a update 2012.

Looked for a picture to illustrate a way to wear the fashion in the real world. You could just buy boots or other accessories if you don't want to put too much money into the look.  I think she did a very good job showing this look which was posted 2011. I give credit to this picture from the blog listed  .

Hears a flash back of an older post date 2008. See if any of these predication for future fashion has come to pass. The clip of the old blog post is below, enjoy and leave comments.

Fashion Forward Future

Fashion Forward Future
Seasonal looks change from dramatic faces and bold clothing as winter arrives. The late 1990′s to late 2000′s fashion of dark and smoky eyes will go away with the old decade and bring in natural minimal look. It is soft and starry.

The natural look continues to be in Vogue with nude colored lips. Sheer formulas of red shades such as cherry, cranberry, and crimson colored lip tint will become acceptable for day wear, but nude, barely there colors, will still be most popular. Pink is dated, and don’t be surprised to see many of your favorite pinks discontinued.

Look for purples as a replacement. Purple accessories and cosmetics will continue to become increasingly popular. Alternative fashion reminiscent of the 1980′s will become more tailored, and eccentric fashion colors will infiltrate the mainstream.

Green gemstones such as jade and turquoise will be sported. Spring sees classic two piece tops return to fashion, especially sweater sets. Summer shows the Surfer look is given new life. Denim blue jeans and camisole tops, for a dreamy yet casual look.

Colors lean toward an icy blues, greens, pinks, and a splash of orange for warmth. As winter visits again, knitted hats become a winter must have as the Skater look is slowly revived. Finally, pearls though classic, will be hot & fashionable throughout the year, as will ruffles reminiscent of the Romantic era.

In conclusion, I’m thinking sun, beaches, and sand. De jour is my choice phrase, a fresh natural day look. Skin is in. And as always, try and look more beautiful.

This post is credited to Engela whom helped write this article.


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