Jul 21, 2011

Play a Love Game

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We do a lot of things for love. Shelia was never the type of female to fall fast head over heels for a guy. He would have to be pretty special, warm, caring, strong, and above all else HONEST.

Here's a story about lies and deception. What are your opinions on this real life drama that could have been written from a soap.

Seems the world is consistently changing but as for love Shelia was a romantic at heart, idealistic, a dreamer, naive. As she grow older it has became increasingly harder to hold fast to those ideals. Slowly becoming the cynic she feared and her soon to be ex warned her was a turn off. Yes cynical when it comes to love and people. Not completely mind you but on her way.

Is he lieing to you?

She didn't dated much and was forbidden to date in high school. A real goody goody type you know. Listened not only cus her parents told her to, but it made sense. There was had plenty of time to learn about heart break and frankly she wasn't emotionally ready.

We all have read or watched tragic love tales such as famous Romeo and Juliet or the modern Vampire twilight saga. Never quite understanding how no matter the power of love why do we choice wrong. The wrong course of actions, when to know to leave, when love isn't enough sometimes. Sounds so romantic to die and do anything for love doesn't it though it should not?

Boy was she about to find out she was way wrong, and wondering how many times must she repeat her mistake. I ask anyone that has been hurt and heart broken by love to tell their tale. I think my readers would love to know they are not the only one.

Fools rush in,
My heart above my head
Though I see the danger there
If theres a chance for me
Then I dont care...
And I dont care, oh-oh-oh-oh

Major lies :

Her words "This guy I once dated claimed to be a church going, nice, sane, guy. We seemed to have so much in common. A sweetheart I later learned a dark secret the truth is he was none of those things or at least he hadn't lived his life that way. He confessed to being a player, a liar and manipulator. That he may not change his ways but was willing to try. He had lived this way, a sex addict possibly, for a long time. Had a hard time with ethnic, think ahead, countability.

So he tend to blame others because it was an easy way to live. Tired of the games and looking for honesty. Gained sempathy from others mostly woman and he mainly only had what he called female friends. Turns out most of these female friends were not friends so much as women he was trying to date/hook up.

After wards I discovered he was dating or trying to date many females at the same time. This was even during our courtship til we lived together he claimed. One day prior to his out of town trip he asked if we would go exclusive. I agreed and he asked if I would accompany him. I didn't so he took his girl friend that he now claims to have broken up with. Though I doubt it how many women do you know that would drive out of state as a favor to a guy that just broke your heart.

By the way she had told him she was pregnant with his child. He claimed he couldn't have been the father and he did not trust her because of her many lies. One of which was supposedly she was a married women. Not separated just married to get her sister's man into the states. He had wanted to break up with her along time ago but didn't have the nerve. So instead he flirted and went on countless dates with other women. His girl friend at the time asked if he would take her to an abortion clinic and he agreed after they returned.

He asked me to go away with him that weekend out of state and wanted for us to start having sex. I turned him down because I though we were moving too fast and I wasn't ready yet. So he took his ex girl friend knowing she wanted to get back together. He had sex with her while they were away together in a motel she paid for and hung out with her for a few hours when they got back. They continued communicating for a while after wards supposedly mostly about the abortion appointment.

I asked if he was single and many many other important questions trying to weed out the fakes and undesirable. How long 6 months he replied. That turned out to be 4 then a month. Next I just broke up with her after we had a few dates. Next okay okay which girl? Then ended 4 months ago with my girl friend then I started up with a few other people.

Finally she was my girl friend but wasn't. We just had sex and went out on a few dates and she helped me out once. That's all nothing really I dumped her because she lied and I realized we were not right for each other. That it might sound old of him to say this but he believes that even though his actions were wrong it is not cheating until your married. He was not in the right frame of mind and hasn't since his tragic accident".

What's more confusing is why does a guy like that play a women he later intends to marry?
Does a habitual liar and womanizer ever really change his ways? Can you afford to lose the game of love and your sanity? Where does love of one's self and stand by your man end/began?
These are all good questions please tell us your thoughts ?

Are their any great sites to tell your story or and post picture to warn other women. These type of males look for similar women.


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