Oct 21, 2010

Scent and Men

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Beauty Tips: Perfume scent women and men. How do we reach to scent.

Vanilla is a natural scent that many men (and women) find sexy. Grapefruit is also alluring to men. In the olden days women used to dab vanilla essence, jasmine (said that even the coldest of men would be enticed), or amber on themselves to smell nice and attract men.

These days we tend to reach for the richly scented spray or roll on perfumes. Do not worry ancient Vanilla is all but forgotten and still widely used in fragrances. Try dabbing some grapefruit or vanilla on your neck and wrists and see what lovely comments you receive.

It is also said that to attract a man wearing shinny objects attract men. Jewelry such, as gold hoops, diamonds, or pearl earrings. Sequin or alittle flashy top / dress. Glossy or metallic polish etc. Now I am not saying to be old fashion not saying you need a man to be happy just thought I'd share this with you and a bit funny.

Though I tried it just for fun with some of my female friends and we found that it actually works in getting a little more attention for the opposite sex. Who know?

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