May 15, 2010

How To Bigger Fuller Thicker Sexy Lips

Ever want full lips? Perhaps Angelina Jolie lips? Create the appearance of fuller, pouty, sexy thicker and more shapely lips. Full Larger Lips without painful lip injections or surgery. A super model and movie star favorite makeup tip.

For a more beautiful you eat healthy, don't forget to exercise, wash your face often, wear sunscreen, don't fall asleep with makeup on, do nice things for others, meditate, you know the basics! :D Remember be your most naturally beautiful self!

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What you will need:

  • First you'll need a tooth brush
  • Concealer
  • Gloss
  • Lip liner
  • Matte or Slightly Sheer Moisturizing Lipstick (Lip Tint)
  • A sponge

If you have dry lips lightly brush lips with your tooth brush add a little water or dab a pea size of petrolum to losing the dead skin cells. Gently pat lips dry. Brushing your lips makes the lips a bit puffier and stimulate the blood vessels by blood to flow.

  1. (Optional) apply a small amount of lip primer or concealer to your lips.
  2. Use light flesh tone (nude) color for thick fuller lips. If in doubt look at the inside of your lip to see your true color. Dark colors makes objects appear smaller and the same is true with lips.
  3. Next use a sharp lip pencil. Line the outside of lips. Start the line at top pointy part called your cupid's bow of the lip and pull down. Make sure to line just outside of your natural lip line. If you draw on actual lip line (lips stay the same) or inside it will not make lips look fuller only smaller. Then follow outside lip and drawn pencil over every square each of lip except the inner corners. Make the line in the center of bottom lip line just a little bit darker, like shadowing, then the line everywhere else. If need be lightly blend in the ends of the lip liner with your finger tip, q-tip or makeup sponge.
  4. (Optional) Once finished, if you have small lips you may also wish to draw a line in the very center of lip. Moving pencil down. Start at the top of the bottom lip in the middle. If you don't know the location open your mouth. The top part of the bottom lip is closes to the opening of your mouth is the top half. Draw the line downwards and end where at lip line. This line should meet the lip at the bottom of lip. If skipping this tip you may other wise go to next step.
  5. Next with lip pencil add shadow in the out corners. You will be filling in your lips. Apply lipstick straight from the tube or using a lip brush (brush or fingers are best). Gently press your lips together.
  6. Finally take either light concealer, highlighter or (what I feel works best for dry lips) clear or slightly metallic lip gloss and dab in the center of lips only. The light color and shine in the center of lips draw your eyes to the the fullest part of your lips. Thereby creating an extra illusion of fuller pouter lips.
7. Using blush apply on chin in the cease of your chin. Blend, Blend , blend. Only should appear as a shadow to give the illusion of fuller lips.

If need be lightly blend in the ends of the lip liner with your finger tip, q-tip or makeup sponge.

Need more help? Watch this short video how to tutorial! Problems with software so I had to use my Mobile Phone. - Engela .



Thanks I hope these tip tricks are helpful and remember that natural skin is in!

*Disclaimer: No guarantee that your lips will be large or Angelia Jolie. Name use for descriptive purposes only and Angelina Jolie does not endorse no affiliated with this blog. Info herein is for education purposes only not meant as medical advice.


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