Mar 15, 2010

Saint Patricks Bath Sale

Saint Patrick's Day Sale - Buy two 8oz Lavender, Rice Petals, Romantic Wishes or Citrus Bubble Bath and receive a free lotion sample. Offer expires Midnight (EST) March 17th 2010.

After Saint Patrick's Day Sale
8oz Citrus fragrance Bubble bath/body wash!
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To receive a 30% off email coupon on our body wash, plus one FREE lip balm your choice of scent!!!
Offer expires April 9th 2010.

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Our body wash/bubble bath is all natural, Free of Parabens, Harmful Detergents like SLS, Glycol, Formaldehyde, ~ Available in Fragrance Free (Unscented), Pure Essential Oils or Body Safe Fragrances.

Organic Jojoba Oil Shampoo: Natural Organic Lavender, Extract Organic Aloe and Jojoba Oil pH 5.5 78% Organic Ingredients . Customer Top Picks: Eward (Baby Powder), Vanilla Sugar, Sugary Pink, Angelic, Rice Petals, Coconuts Lime & Verbena Herb, Satin Sheets, Sweet Pea Type and Sweet Juicy Pear. !!! Sign up today so you don't miss out and receive a 30% off email coupon on our body wash !!!

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*Coupon Disclaimer:
- Limit one Coupon per Order, per person, per address.
- Exchange Orders and Wholesale item(s) are excluded from Discount Coupon.
- Discount Coupon will only apply to in stock item(s), and will exclude all back order Item(s).
- Discount coupons can only be used on online orders.
- Your order must be at least $25 worth before our stores shopping cart will allow you to checkout.
- Offer (coupon discount) excludes already discount items, merchandise on sale, other promotional sales, etc. - Discounts or coupons can not be combined together and are valid after expire day. Coupon expires 9th of April.
- New customers only. Coupon offer can only be used on our site. If you shop on our Artfire site please contact us by mail directly on artfire to inquire on discount. We can then adjust price ahead of time or make you a personal listing.

***Note: These products are made when ordered (Made to Order) by hand in small batches to ensure freshness. Made to order products not stock in shelve items so order soon to receive. Please read our privacy policy and before you order page.

Next sale? We are offering for a limited time only a never sold before large size of an 16oz. More news of this offer coming soon. Stay up to date on all the offers and receive them first when you are both a mailing list subscriber and a That Girl's Bath & Body Facebook Page Fan.

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