Jan 17, 2010

A Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers a New Writer Has Joined

I Kelley (one of the writers/editor) wanted to let our followers/readers know that Engela is now going to be writing most of our post on beauty and health. Dee (Deb) and I will still write about our personal experiences, funny stories, beauty tips, newest sales, share our baking recipes, and share jewelry ideas, video tutorials and photos.

This will give me more free time for family, work and life in general. Most of the post will be written by Engela and Kelley. I will still edit some of the content just not as active. Thanks for all our readers and followers. We will still provide you will interesting unique post, but just not as often. Engela plans on bring some fresh new ideas and a younger prospective (insight). She's planning in the near future to bring our readers fashion/beauty video tutorials. As older followers have notice we no longer post daily nor weekly anymore, but our post will be more interactive, unique and full of great content.

Blogs will be posted usually bi-weekly. Yes bi-weekly has more than one meaning but historically it is used to refer to once every two weeks. So usually we will cut down post to twice a month and as soon as we have more free time or more readers we will pick back up.

If you have any ideas on the type of blog entry you would like to see us add please feel free to leave us a comment. Contact us by emailing or by leaving your comment on this post. If emailing please have subject heading as Entry Idea for Blog so your email does not end up in the spam box. Emails in the spam box are automatically erased and never read. Thanks. Kelley (Editor/Writer).

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