Jan 25, 2010

Gentle Eye Massage

I love giving myself facial and eye massages. It is one of the technique you receive at the spa before the other treatments.

I usually start will a steam followed with a massage with jojoba oil or One of That Girl's Oils.
To start the massage around the delicate eye area you should began with the brown area. Be sure to be very careful and don't pull or tug. Using the ring finger so not to harm the delicate skin under your eyes. The ringer finger has the gentlest touch because it does not have as much pressure as the rest of your fingers.

To give a eye massage start off at the eye brows and work toward the nose, using the ring fingers. Remember the ring finger has the gentlest touch. Next start massaging around the eyes making light circles with your fingertips. After ward put cucumbers on eyes and finally finish off with a great eye cream.

Next blog post we will discuss how to give a proper Facial Massage and the techniques that go along.

-by Kelley

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