Nov 7, 2009

Skin and Body Care In Winters - Winter Skin Care

Changes in weather conditions in winters and summers can be hard on the skin. The dry and cold air in winter can drain essential moisture from the skin, making it look capped and dry. Follow these tips to maintain your skin healthy in winters.

Skin Care Tips in Winters
  • Use SPF sunscreen on face, neck and all visible parts of body when going out during winters.
  • Do not take excessive long and hot showers as this will deplete the natural skin moisturizer.
  • Keep your skin nourish by using good quality cleansing cream and moisturizer and wear warm clothes that does not create any itching sensation on the skin.
  • An ancient Chinese herbal remedy for detoxification during winter is drinking a glass of hot water with lemon. This cleanses the liver and gall bladder and the body cleans blood faster, thus toxins responsible for bad skin are eliminated.
  • Drink adequate water, say 12 glasses a day.
  • Take proper sleep.
  • Speak to your doctor if dry skin persist.

Information listed here is not intended as medical advice nor to diagnosis, cure or treat any type of health condition or illness. Please speak with your health care professional.

originally online at Monday January 21, 2008 - 06:45pm (EST).

by Kelley