Nov 17, 2009

Are You Having Dry Skin Problems this Winter?

I've had a few people ask why they are still having problems with dry and itchy skin in these colder months. Answer it's time to change your skin regime and moisturizer. Just like the seasons our skin is ever changing. Whether is biology, health, the foods we eat or the season.

Plus the artificial heat produced by the heaters cause people's skin to dry. Your body's chemistry is changing about every 7 years. If your skin is still itchy it maybe the type of moisturizer you are using. You should not use the same moisturizer in the winter you use in the summer. A good hydrating moisturizer for the winter like our Night Cream along with a natural moisturizing mineral foundation would be a good choice to change too.

If you skin is still dry use our eczema balm, emu oil, or vegan healing oil. These are for the most dry of skin. Use a toner and exfoliate with a very gentle exfoliator that will not break the skin or the bank. If you still have problems then ask. Later I'll post on blog about how to choose a good moisturizer.

That Girl's Bath & Body. - by Kelley

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