Jun 5, 2009

That Girl's Beauty Bath & Body Products

Our bath and body products are of unbeatable quality, tried and tested, again and again, made by hand by the most talented Work at Home Moms. These ladies create their products using all natural ingredients, starting from scratch, not a pre-purchased base.

What is your shipping time?

Shipping times can vary greatly. If you are ordering bath products or candles, these, for the most part, are made to order. They are fresh product, not created until you have placed your order. Therefore, it is suggested that you allow at least 14 business days for your orders to arrive. Larger items also require extra packaging time in some cases. Some companies also have holiday deadlines. Meaning, if you want something by a certain holiday, you should check with me first, to be sure your order will arrive in time.

If you are ordering during any holiday season, or if you are ordering something as a gift for someone, please email me to be sure this product will arrive in time for your event. All of my bath, and body products, pet treats, food products, etc, they are all made by hand, especially for you at the time you have placed your order. While this provides you with the highest quality, and the freshest product you can possibly receive, it also takes some time to produce them. Please, always allow for this. I work with many other Moms who take extreme care and pride in their work in order to create one of a kind, high quality products for you.
TO my customers: I thank you very much for choosing to shop with me.

I have tested, researched, and personally tried the products I offer here. I searched high and low for the best in quality and service. Here at That Girl's Bath & Body, all of the guess work has been taken out and done for you. You can rest assured that you will enjoy your products, and come back for more!

Again, please, if you have any questions at all regarding shipping, or anything else, please email me and I will respond as quickly as I can.
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