Apr 25, 2009

My Reviews on Some Self Tanners ... the good and bad

My Reviews on Some Self Tanners

Bare Escentuals Faux Tan Self Tanner 4.5 oz. After I read some bad reviews I will stick with TanTowel. I'm sure Bare Escentuals has many fans that will say Bare Escentuals Self Tanner works well or is the best. But I'm still a fan of TanTowel.

My pasty legs used to blind people before I tried TanTowel. I'm very fair skin...so fair they don't make my color in foundation. I mean no one except stage makeup! Fairs and Lights you see on T.V are STILL way TOO dark! Most self tanners would (the normal)..streak, orange, stink, flake off, stain towels, clothing, and bedding. Plus tanner would running off from pool water. Something even from the water coming out of the shower head or clouds (As in rain).

These Towelettes are so easy to use. They give me an even, natural-looking tan with no streaking or odor. I started using The self tanning towelettes by Tantowel back in 2000. They where the first to come out with the self tanner in a towelette. I know what your thinking self tanner are all alike. Even the cheap and expensive with all the same ingredients. Well other self tanners yes but not these babies.

-1st off My southern friends who were proclaimed tanners, addicted really, sun bathing all year round. They should see a fake tan coming a mile away. They thought my tan was 100 percent real! Some used the tanning bed and others used the spray on at the local Atlantic Tanning Salon. Located in Carytown Richmond and the preppy West end area. Paying obscene amount of money all summer long and some all year long to reach a Jennifer Lopez hue. A few of my other friends very pale to light complexion though my tan was real. They also could not tan at all and did not want to pay the money using tanning beds or spray on. It would take many more applications then the average. Costing a small fortunate.

So my very pale friends tried my TanTowel towelettes, next my medium complexion friends and finally my olive complexed Caucasian and Native American/ Caucasian friends. To see if this produce could work on their skin color type. It did! It was as if it made you look the type of tan you could be. Based on cool 0r warm tone of your skin. So it didn't look fake. So my tan was not the same as my olive skin friends. Yet we both used the same product and as many applications.
Unfortunately many people that have not used tantowel still think all self tanners are the same and the think it's ok to streak, stain, and become orange. They have a patented on their sunless tanning products and will not streak or turn orange. It dries very fast ...so fast you can put your clothes back on after a minute. It won’t stain your clothing or bed sheets so you don't have to stand around in the nude in your bathroom too afraid to touch anything for hours.

Why would you use those other formulas that streak, turn you orange, and stain your clothes?
Tantowel (2009) have fast acting self tanners including their towelettes, but I still love the original the best. I like my tan to start slow, it's very build able, being very fair skin. Jumping from very fair skin to medium in one application is just to extreme. Now Tantowel is so popular they have been
featured in O, The Oprah Magazine.

Neutrogena Micro-Mist Airbrush Sunless Tan "DEEP" 3 shades darker than your skin tone "ultra-light, fine mist goes on evenly (Yeah Right) and works at any angle for an all-over flawless tan - no rub application" (That's funny it did spray well specially at different angles and I still have to run it in with my hands.) (My skin just doesn't take very well to self-tanner and I didn't want a practically waste a new bottle so I returned it and got a full refund directly from the company!)

Why have I only mentioned two company brands and mostly talked about Tantowl?
After many years of using every brand name and discount self tanner I could get my hands on I was always sadly disappointed. I used bronzer and self tanner a bronzer/self tanner. Foam, Gel, Cream, towelettes, spray etc. I have found they did not work well and where not worth mention.

They only other brand that worked well that myself and friends/family used were the following:
*Note (not as well as the towelettes by TanTowel) .
  • Loreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer (self tanner). A nice non orange color did not streak. Did not dry fast and I think it is best used on face, but if your budget is small then try it. Make you look very glowing or greasy depending on your skin type and the weather (heat). But does have light reflexive shimmering mica.
  • Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes is ok. Steak free but make sure you get every inch of skin. More natural looking than most on the market. Not mess but will take 2-3 hours to dry and see color (a pain). Have to use within 6 months like most self tanners but has Vitamin E and AHA. So people with sensitive skin should not use.
  • Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer works just as well as Loreal's Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer. Build-able and realistic but a little less greasy. About 1/2 ounce less with Jergens but has Jojoba oil (good for all skin types) .
Worst Self Tanner Ever Used:
  • A drug store self brand
  • Neutrogena Sunless Foam and Micromist Sunless Tanning Spray.
Now the company did refund my money after I called and complained. They didn't have a good response why it very noticeably streaked and the dark orange spottiness. It looked like My sis and I had a very bad skin condition with spottiness. The spray bottles can back up becoming very clogged. Somethings before you ever use it. Making it almost impossible to use. I hope Neutrogena have updated their formula, but I will never bee using it again.

  • Tan Towel towelettes: I really like this product but you must use it properly. Make sure to rub it evenly all over no missing any areas or you will not have an even tan. Like with all self tanners avoid too much on ankles, knees, hands and feet. Also, you may want to use a scrub or exfoliator on tanning areas before applying. Otherwise, your tan will adhere to dryer areas and cause streaking. After this, it''ll look better.
My sis was the only one whom said she did like tan towel towelettes but i told her like with all tanners you have to do the above. I'm much more fair skin them her and I didn't have any problems but everyone's different. What did she have to say: "My skin turned out blotchy with uneven color. I had streaks all over my legs and the color did not even take affect until many hours after the application.

My review


I have very fair skin and my tan looks very natural! My skin is NOT dry, they DON'T stain my clothes and I can't smell them. I have a friend who spends $30 at a tanning salon and his skin is dry, dry, dry. My friends can't believe that I'm self-tanning by myself and getting such an even, natural looking tan. have tried several self tanners; I have been professionally "sprayed" in a tanning salon and sunbathed. Tan Towels gave me the best tan ever. They were easy to use, absolutely no streaking, no orange color or blotchy elbows or knees. Plus no sunburns and skin cancer.

- by Kelley

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