Dec 17, 2008

How to Apply Foundation

Post updated since 2008. There are the basic formulations of foundation: liquid, cream, mineral, powder, and cream to powder. The formulation you use should depend on a few factors: Do you have a lot of excess shine? Do you have patches of dry, flaky skin? Are there dark circles, blemishes or other areas on the skin you would like to minimize? What texture feels comfortable on your skin?
ever possible.

The right everyday foundation will make your skin look naturally radiant. It should feel comfortable on your skin all day long and not require much maintenance through the day. The current trend in foundation application is to apply only where needed, most likely toward the center of the face, and letting your natural skin shine through wherever possible.

Apply foundation with finger tip, makeup sponge or foundation brush. When applying liquid makeup make sure to apply to the back of hand. Doing this will warm foundation and to keep from applying too much at once. Apply makeup lightly. Then apply concealer where needed after foundation - yes over top of makeup. Make sure to pick foundation and concealer that formulas works together.

When picking foundation make sure it closely matches your skin tone if not 2 shades lighter. Concealer should as be one shade lighter than foundation. Foundations can also be bought with technology that matches pigments better, but you still need to pick your correct shade. If going to a nigh club use a warmer/brighter shade - sheer formula. Pink shade of concealer if green circles or yellow base if dark purple circles or redness. Use a brush if using mineral powder or sponge if liquid to pat or brush away excess makeup. This will give a more flawless image. Need more help. Ask a topic by commenting or add your tips not found here.

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