Dec 28, 2008

Flowers and Essential Oils

Flowers have been used for centuries for therapeutic and beautifying properties and we still use them today in perfume, skin and hair care products.

All flowers have essential oil in the petals,and this can be extracted in various ways including distillation and pressing. Aromatherapy, using essential oils from plants, dates back to ancient Egyptian times. Today oils can be bought from good health food stores and chemists. They help cure common colds, back pain and bad circulation, as well as being part of many beauty preparations.

Never use oils neat on the skin - they are too powerful and can burn or cause skin irritation.

MAGIC MASSAGE - blending essential oils with a pure carrier oil, such as sweet almond, wheat germ or soy-bean, for a massage is good for relaxation and easing tension. Every day aches and pains are soothed in minutes and your circulation stimulated.

Some oils to try:.....
Blend a mix of lavender, neroli and bermagot to sooth areas of tension in the back of your neck and across the shoulders.

Try a gentle scalp massage - tea-tree and ylang-ylang help calm skin irritations and cure dandruff. Work in small circular movements over the head.

BATHING BEAUTY - add a few drops of an essential oil to your bath water and then settle down for a good soak - and inhale the vapour in the steamy bathroom atmosphere.

Oils to try -

sweet-smelling jasmine helps calm the nerves and leaves you fragrant.
Just use 3 to 5 drops.
Geranium is a good skin tonic and cleaner - if you have oily skin try 5 to 10 drops in a warm bath.
Orange blossom oil is uplifting and rich in vitamin C and will improve skin tone. A couple of drops is enough.

FEET - try a foot bath - add 5 drops of lime flower oil to tepid water, then relax. Tea tree is an antibacterial, one of the most powerful effective and safe antibacterials. Ease athlete's foot. Lavender soothing and antibacterial. Peppermint soothing and stimulating.
Lemongrass helps ease athlete's foot. Add 10 drops to a bowl of warm water and bath feet regularly until it clears up.

STEAM HEAT - breath in the healing vapors of essentials with a steam facial. Fill a bowl with boiling water, add the oil and hold your head over the bowl for 5 to 10 minutes, keeping your face about 15 cm ( 6 inches ) away to avoid scalding. Oils to try --
Chamomile for itchy skin conditions - 5 to 10 drops.
Rose oil helps soften skin and clears pores - just a couple of drops.
Lavender improves a spotty complexion. Use about 5 drops.

AIR FRESHENER - fresh a stuffy room by adding a few drops of oil to water in a plant spray and spray into the air. Or add a few drops to a bowl of water and place this on a shelf above a hot radiator, OR use an oil-burner. Many varieties of these are available in stores.


* Flowers are great sleep inducers - use them in home made pillows for sweet dreams. Fill a thin cotton pillow with dried flowers - dried are best since the perfume lasts longer. Try chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, rose and geranium - all help relaxation.

* Soak pieces of thin card in floral oils and stitch them inside folded hankies, then slip them between clothes in drawers to keep fragrant.

* Gift wrapping - pop a handful of fresh rose petals inside to make presents special.

* Pot-pourris are wonderful . choose flowers with colors that contrast such as red rose petals, yellow marigolds, fresh bay leaves and a few drops of Orange oil for a spicy smell. Put mixture in large bag and seal it for 6 weeks, shaking contents often. Display in nice bowls and revive the scent every few months with a few drops of your favourite oil.

WARNING - some oils can be toxic and poisonous if used the wrong way. Best to seek the advice of a Professional before using.

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