Oct 24, 2008

Jewerly Blog

Lariat necklaces are not a modern invention in the jewelry world; they have been around longer than clasp necklaces. One of the easiest ways to wear a long string of beads is simply to tie it in a simple knot in front or double it and drop it through its own loop. I like lariats, I have to take a break at some point during the day when working on custom pieces. My daughter asked me "how do you do that, come up with such unique ideas? I would have never thought of arranging it that way". Yes I have vision, not to toot my own horn. When I'm not making jewelry I making other homemade projects, I'm baking in the kitchen. I want to share some pictures so of my cakes and cookie I recently made. Look at the blog below for my homemade ediable kitchen treats. Working on a lariat takes me away from the task at hand and refreshes me, and doesn't take me long to mak. Unlike so many of my others pieces including the bright colored drop earrings or the faux pearl and coin necklace.

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